Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Kodi Update

Kodi confirmed 17.6 will be the final of six Krypton updates. Krypton was first pushed out in February 2017. The current version of the Kodi software included several UI improvements and added many new functionalities. The new update polishes what the previous six iterations improved and ensures the Kodi experience is fully bug-free. The Fixes […]

Guide to Buying iPhone Insurance

Phone accidents can happen to anyone and the expenses that arise from a cracked, dented, bent or drowned iPhone could be far reaching. According to statistics from SquareTrade, insurers of personal tech, damaged iPhones have cost Americans $10.7 billion between 2007 and 2014. Most of that money was spent on replacements and repairs. Since Apple charges […]

Bombed your Hard Disk? – Hard Disk Recovery for Beginners

Hard Disk Recovery isn’t that hard It seems like such a long time since we thought of this one. A recent hiccup in our operations brought everything back to remembrance–because we had to do this again. It wasn’t any one person’s fault really. If we had to blame anyone, we’d blame our coffee pot going empty […]

Black Friday is Upon Us – How to Navigate the Deals

Black Friday is Upon Us 40″ LED flat screen TVs on sale for $349.00, Brand-new lawn mowers with special financing available, and the dubious 40% off all women’s intimates at JCPenny. These promotions know no bounds, they ascend even up to Toyota dealerships with $4,000.00 friends and family rebates. We’ve all seen them. We’ve seen […]

How to Make a Living as a Gadget Freelancer

If you love gadgets, you could be making a living using your passion and expertise. Due.com recently published a comprehensive guide to freelancing that will answer all your questions. The biggest challenge many have is finding ways to turn their hobbies into an income. Here are many of the services freelancers in the gadget world […]

When Should I Buy My Child A Smartphone? – Infographic

The current generation of children is exposed to the world of technology at a very young age. It is not surprising to find a 1 year old comfortable with the workings of a touch screen device. However, this omnipresence of smart gadgets increases the onus on parents to ensure that their children are limited to […]