If you aren’t familiar with Fields of Hatred in Diablo IV, they’re basically a PvP event in which players are able to participate across two different zones.

Diablo IV - The Fields of Hatred

This article will act as a guide for these players on how the PvP gameplay works in this event as well as the currency you’ll be earning and the rewards that you’ll be able to unlock using it. 

Where do you find the Fields of Hatred in Diablo IV

Where do you find the Fields of Hatred in Diablo IV

There are two Fields of Hatred that you are able to find in Sanctuary, which you’ll be able to notice by their light red hue on the map. You should take note that this light red hue that the Fields of Hatred have is not the same as the red areas on your map that represent the Helltide Events at World Tier lll: Nightmare. 

You’ll be able to find the first one of these Fields of Hatred to the west of Sanctuary, essentially located in the Dry Steppes region. The Waypoint that is closest to this location will be the one that’s found in Alzuuda. Then you’ll be able to find the next Field of Hatred situated in Kehjistan, in the southwest, and it’s closest Waypoint is the one in Denshar. 

If you’ve played the Diablo IV game for a little bit and feel like you’re ready to go out and explore the Fields of Hatred, then the one that’ll be best for you is the one in Alzuuda. This is because once you step foot into either one of these two Fields of Hatred, a Priority Quest will start in which you’ll need to go and speak to Erol, whom you’ll find in Alzuuda. By talking to Erol in Alzuuda you’ll get some more information on how this PvP event works. 

The Fields of Hatred

The Fields of Hatred

As you enter the Fields of Hatred you’ll be given a unique opportunity to earn Seeds of Hatred, which you can then transform into Red Dust, which you can further use to buy certain items from Vendors in Alzuuda and Denshar. Whilst you’re here there are quite a few various ways ro earn these Seeds of Hatred, which include: 

  • Defeating enemy monsters in the areas
  • Completing events in which it’s not just monsters that drop Seed of Hatred when you slay them but there will also be Seeds of Hatred in chests if you’re successful. 
  • Opening Baleful Chests, you’ll need to note that you need to be Bloodmarked in order to do this. 
  • And finally defeating the Fields of Hatred roaming boss. 

How to Become Bloodmarked

For you to start attacking other players you’ll need to make sure that your character is Bloodmarked, and in order to do this you’ll need to first open the Actions Wheel and scroll to the left. If you aren’t within the Fields of Hatred then you’ll do this and be greeted by a prompt that says “PvP Unavailable”, however if you are in these fields, an option that says “Mark for Blood” will appear instead. 

When you click on this and select this option, your character will become Bloodmarked, which you’ll know as a red ring will appear around your Diablo IV character. Now that your character is Bloodmarked, you’ll be able to attack other players but remember to watch out because you’ll also be open to attacks. You can choose to enter these fields without being Bloodmarked so that you are able to complete events and kill monsters around the area without any risk. 

As soon as you want to quit being Bloodmarked, you can simply cancel it by going to an Altar of Cleansing, you can find one of these altars either in Alzuuda or Denshar. 

How to Acquire Red Dust

How to Acquire Red Dust

After spending some time in these fields, battling other players, completing optional events, slaying monsters, looting chests or defeating the roaming Seething Abomination, you’ll receive some Seeds of Hatred. You’ll be able to see exactly how many Seeds of Hatred you’ve accumulated over time by glancing to the top right corner of your screen, right next to your mini-map. 

As soon as you feel that you are done with the Fields of Hatred and want to convert your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust, you’ll just need to leave and go to an Altar of Extraction. The Dry Steppes as well as the Kehjustan both have four Altars of Extraction that you can use, these altars are dotted around these two regions. Below you’ll find a map, showing exactly where you’ll be able to find these Altars of Extraction. 

Altars of Extraction & Cleansing Altars in the Dry Steppes Field of Hatred

Altars of Extraction & Cleansing Altars in the Dry Steppes Field of Hatred

Altars of Extraction & Cleansing Altars in the Kehjistan Fields of Hatred

Altars of Extraction & Cleansing Altars in the Kehjistan Fields of Hatred

When you make it to any one of these Altars of Extraction, you’ll need to perform a ritual where as you’re extracting the Red Dust from these Seeds of Hatred, there will be waves of enemies spawning in for 50 seconds.

The amount of Red Dust that you’ll be receiving from this ritual will be the exact same amount as the amount of Seeds of Hatred that you had put into the altar. As soon as this ritual is completed and you have all your Red Dust, the Altar of Extraction will go into a cooldown mode for about 50 seconds, during which you won’t be able to use it. Even if you die directly after your Seeds of Hatred have been turned into Red Dust, you luckily won’t lose any of it. However, it is also important to note that if you do manage to die when you’re in the Fields of Hatred, you’ll drop all of your Seeds of Hatred and anyone could come and pick them up. So, you should definitely be careful when on these grounds. Then lastly, if you leave the Fields of Hatred before you’ve turned your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust, these seeds will disappear. 

Where Do You Spend Red Dust

Where Do You Spend Red Dust

Once you’ve successfully managed to convert your Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust, you’ll be able to use this dust at special vendors in Alzuuda and Denshar, who will have a small Seed of Hatred symbol underneath them. The shops that are available to do this include: 

Odds and Ends Vendor

At this specific vendor, you’ll be able to trade your Red Dust for cosmetic items to unlock some new looks for your character. These new cosmetics will be available at the Wardrobe once you’ve unlocked them and will start from about 60,000 Red Dust. 

Cursed Scroll Vendor

When you get to this vendor, you’ll be able to trade your Red Dust for Cursed Scrolls, which will not only give you a buff but also a debuff at the same time. You’ll only be able to use these Cursed Scrolls within the Fields of Hatred and their effect on you can range all the way from just randomly teleporting you to a different place in the region to decreasing the amount of damage that you will be taking from other player, but also increase the damage that you’ll take from the monsters. 

Unsavory Oddities Vendor

This Vendor has a sort of gambling mechanic where you’ll be able to swap Red Dust in efforts to win a Cap, Tunic, Gloves, Boots or Pants but you can never know which one you’ll win for certain. Each time to gamble for these items it will cost you around 3,000 Red Dust. 

Unconventional Mount Armor Vendor

If you are someone who wants to make their character stand out from the rest then this is a great vendor to come to in order to make your Mount unique. Here, you’ll be able to spend some of your Red Dust to purchase Unconventional Mount Armor. The items that are available to you in the shop will range anywhere from cosmetic trophies to cosmetic horse armour, but you’ll also be able to purchase a Blood Steed for 100,000 Red Dust. 

The Field of Hatred Boss

The Field of Hatred Boss

When you enter this PvP field, you’ll need to keep an eye out for a Fields of Hatred boss, who’s called the Seething Abomination, who will be lurking somewhere on these lands. If you manage to slay this monster, you’ll get a much bigger Seeds of Hatred drop as well as some items and equipment as rewards. 

How to Defeat the Seething Abomination

How to Defeat the Seething Abomination

If you’ve encountered this boss already, you may have noticed that its attack pattern is actually quite repetitive and the main thing that you’ll have to make sure to watch out for is its ability to create poison pools as it slams down into the ground. So because of this, it’ll be a good idea to make sure that you have anything that gives you Poison Resistance, including Elixirs, during this battle. 

When you notice that the Seething Abomination is going to do its rounds of attacks then you’ll want to try and stay behind it so that you are able to avoid its swipes. You’ll see that when this monster is going to punch down, it’ll raise its claw first, so you’ll be able to use your Dodge ability at this moment to dash behind it and then attack it from behind whilst it’s creating a pool of poison in front of it. You still need to be careful in this position though because it will quickly turn around to be face to face with you and then attempt to swipe at you. 

It is important to keep on your toes and move around a lot during your battle with the Seething Abomination so that there aren’t too many pools of poison that will form a circle around you, which will leave you very little room to safely move around in. Whilst in this battle you’ll also want to make sure that you have a clear space behind the Seething Abomination so that you’re able to duck around it and attack safely. So, in conclusion, movement will be key during this fight. 

Moving on from the swiping attacks and the poison pools that it can produce, the Seething Abomination only has one more real attack under its belt and that is a punch attack that is followed by a charge. Compared to the usual punching attacks, this attack type has more of a build-up, but it is still going to create a pool of poison as a result. Straight after this monster has created this pool of poison in the ground, it’ll then make a dash towards you. It’ll be important to use your Dodge ability here so that you are able to jump out of its way quickly and miss its oncoming attack again. 

Tips to Remember During Your Battle

  • Remember that this battle is a multi-stage fight, which means that the Seething Abomination will be dropping Seeds of Hatred and potions along the way.
  • While you’re in the Fields of Hatred, your potions will have a longer cooldown (ranging around 8 seconds long), so be smart with how you consume them. 
  • One good thing about this event is that if you die, you’ll just spawn back, in the town that is nearest to the PvP zone, and what’s more is that the health bar of the Seething Abomination won’t be replenished either so you can just pick up where you left off as soon as you get back to these battlegrounds. 

The Fields of Hatred and Tree of Whispers

The FIelds of Hatred and Tree of Whispers

After you’ve managed to complete the Diablo IV main campaign, you’ll then unlock the Tree of Whispers as an activity you can do. Once you’ve unlocked this you’ll get ‘Whispers’ that will appear all around the map for just a limited amount of time and if you manage to complete them you’ll gain Grim Favors. Then later, you’ll be able to exchange these Grim Favours at the Tree of Whispers in exchange for item collections and also Legendary Caches now and then. 

So now and again you’ll experience that activities that you’ll find in the Fields of Hatred will also come up as Whispers, which will then result in you not only earning Seeds of Hatred but Grim Favors as well. So, in order to maximise your rewards earned, it is definitely with it to participate in Fields of Hatred events when you see that they appear as Whispers as well. 

Final Words

So there you have a full and comprehensive guide to the Fields of Hatred in Diablo IV, and hopefully now that you have a better understanding as to everything that goes on here, you’ll be able to go in with a game plan and be as efficient as possible. 

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