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The New York Times is considering suing OpenAI

The New York Times is contemplating legal action against OpenAI to safeguard its intellectual property rights. The newspaper and OpenAI have been in talks about reaching a licensing deal where OpenAI would pay to use Times articles in its AI services. However, the discussions have come to a standstill to the extent that the newspaper […]

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Google’s next AI venture is called Gemini

The Information has been in contact with a source who has revealed a bit about an upcoming AI initiative from Google called Gemini. It involves tools for generative AI that can generate both texts and images. Google already has AI called Bard today, which can generate texts and function as a chatbot similar to ChatGPT. […]

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Now Amazon starts with AI-summarized reviews

Amazon is now launching an experiment to allow a generative AI feature to summarize product reviews on their e-commerce service, which might provide their customers with a quicker understanding of whether the product they are considering to purchase is worth it. Already two months ago, there were reports that Amazon had started testing AI-summarized product […]

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AI on the Cutting Edge of Biomedicine

Generative AI is here. The genie is out of the bottle. For better or worse, AI is part of our lives now, and it can improve our existence in ways no one can predict. Medical research wasted no time recognizing the potential of the technology and putting it to use well before it became publicly […]

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Nvidia presents a new version of GH200

Nvidia introduced a new version of its AI chip GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip yesterday, a platform primarily designed to build supercomputers for AI calculations. The updated version of GH200 is equipped with high-speed memory HBM3e, which is faster than the HBM3 memory found in the current version of GH200. The new platform also has more […]

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Meta releases the text-to-music tool AudioCraft

Meta has now released the generative AI tool AudioCraft as open source. With this tool, you can create music simply by typing a text describing how you want it to sound. AudioCraft consists of three different models: MusicGen, which generates music; AudioGen, used for creating sound effects; and EnCode, which compresses the sounds and music […]

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Stability AI releases Stable Diffusion XL

AI company Stability AI is now releasing a new version of its text-to-image AI called Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL). SDXL is claimed to be even better at generating photorealistic images based on text input, you can find an example above. Some who have already tested this generative AI state that it is superior to Midjourney, […]

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Has ChatGPT become dumber?

A new research study shows that ChatGPT has deteriorated in performance after the latest updates. The study reveals that the chatbot now makes more mistakes than it did in the spring. According to the study, both the 3.5 and 4 versions of ChatGPT provide worse answers now compared to when they were launched. The study […]

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ChatGPT is coming to Android next week

OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, will be available as an app for Android next week. ChatGPT in app form has been available on iOS for a few months, but soon Android users can join in on the fun too. The app will be rolled out, so there is no specific date yet. However, you can pre-register for […]

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Now ChatGPT can remember things about you

OpenAI has begun testing a new feature for its chatbot, ChatGPT, that allows the AI to remember things about you from previous questions you’ve asked it. This means that ChatGPT may be able to remember your age, what you work with, what you’re interested in, your gender, and other things that could help the chatbot […]

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Apple is reported to be building a competitor to ChatGPT

News agency Bloomberg has been in contact with sources who indicate that Apple is developing a ChatGPT-like tool, currently known as “Ajax,” although some have already started calling it “AppleGPT.” The name Ajax is said to be based on the fact that Apple’s chatbot is building a language model developed using the machine learning framework […]

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Wix showcases AI that can build websites

Wix, the service that allows its customers to create template-based websites, has developed an artificial intelligence specialized in building web pages. Wix calls its new tool “AI Site Generator” and claims that it will enable their users to build completely unique websites using the tool. The only requirement from the user is to describe the […]

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Stability AI releases Stable Doodle

Stability AI, the company behind the text-to-image AI called Stable Diffusion, is now launching a new AI-based service that allows users to create images based on their own sketches. The new tool is called “Stable Doodle.” To create an image using this tool, users need to provide the AI with a simple sketch and text […]

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OpenAI pauses Bing integration for ChatGPT

Last week OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT received a new feature that integrated Bing, allowing ChatGPT Plus users to access information beyond September 2021 (where ChatGPT’s training data ends). However, soon after integrating this new feature into the chatbot, OpenAI discovered that there are instances where it can help users circumvent paywalls on certain websites. Therefore, OpenAI […]

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Humanes first product is called Ai Pin

Humanes first product is called Ai Pin and will be released “later this year.” The product is a wearable device that is attached to the chest and can project a screen powered by AI capabilities. Using a camera and computer vision software, Ai Pin can recognize objects around it, such as nutrition labels on food […]

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Soon, bikes with built-in ChatGPT will be available

The German bike company Urtopia has unveiled a bike that integrates OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, which is designed to assist cyclists with various tasks. The bike assistant with ChatGPT features voice recognition, allowing the cyclist to ask questions that are then answered through the system’s built-in speaker. The assistant also integrates with Apple’s health features as […]

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Google is testing AI for dubbing videos on YouTube

During last week’s VidCon conference in Los Angeles, YouTube announced that they have started testing AI technology to automatically dub uploaded videos on YouTube for creators who are interested in it. YouTube’s AI dubbing is based on technology developed under the Aloud project from Google’s incubator, Area 120. When Aloud was introduced last year, it […]

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Google DeepMind unveils RoboCat

Google’s AI division, Google DeepMind, has developed a new artificial intelligence that allows robots to self-train on new tasks by observing instructions on what needs to be done. The AI is called “RoboCat,” and Google DeepMind states that it speeds up the learning process for robots and is a significant step towards creating a “general-purpose […]

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Voicemod has received new AI voices

Startup company Voicemod has developed a set of new AI human voices for their voice modulation program, enabling real-time speech-to-speech conversion. According to Voicemod, these new voices are superior to most of their competitors when it comes to transforming voices in real-time and with low latency. Voicemod has trained these new AI models using publicly […]

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Google Sheets gets support for Duet AI

Google has already started rolling out AI assistants for several Google Workspace apps, such as Docs and Slides. Now, AI support has also come to Sheets, which means you can easily use AI to enhance your spreadsheets. Through a sidebar, you can simply type in what you want to achieve, and then Google’s Duet AI […]

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Midjourney gets a zoom-out function

The company behind the text-to-image AI, Midjourney, has released a new version of its AI equipped with a zoom-out function, where the AI fills in elements in the image that are assumed to be present when zoomed out from the original image. We have previously seen a similar function in Adobe’s AI Firefly, which is […]

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The future is here: AI has created the opening titles for Marvel’s “Secret Invasion.”

Artificial intelligence is having an increasing impact in the media industry, and the latest example is the opening titles for Marvel’s new TV series “Secret Invasion” about shape-shifting aliens. The spinoff series, starring Samuel L. Jackson as MCU’s own Nick Fury, premiered on Disney Plus yesterday. In the series, Fury teams up with Talos (Ben […]

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OpenAI rumored to open an app store for AI solutions

The Information has reached out to sources indicating that OpenAI, the company behind developments like ChatGPT, is planning to launch a type of app store for AI solutions. OpenAI’s app store could potentially offer customized AI solutions from third-party companies that have built their AI apps using OpenAI’s technology as a foundation. This could involve […]