During last week’s VidCon conference in Los Angeles, YouTube announced that they have started testing AI technology to automatically dub uploaded videos on YouTube for creators who are interested in it.


YouTube’s AI dubbing is based on technology developed under the Aloud project from Google’s incubator, Area 120. When Aloud was introduced last year, it could automatically dub videos to and from English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The exact languages that YouTube is testing the technology with are unclear. During VidCon, they stated that it involved a “handful of languages.” YouTube has already begun testing its automatic dubbing feature on videos from hundreds of creators.

Aloud: Let’s overcome the language barrier in videos together

There is no information available yet on when the feature will be publicly released. In the future, YouTube plans to provide the AI-dubbed versions of YouTube videos with the original voice of the clip and improve lip-syncing. In the video above, you can see some examples of how it looked and sounded when Aloud was introduced last year.


Elias Stevens is a freelance journalist, personal chef, and tech enthusiast.

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