OpenAI has begun testing a new feature for its chatbot, ChatGPT, that allows the AI to remember things about you from previous questions you’ve asked it. This means that ChatGPT may be able to remember your age, what you work with, what you’re interested in, your gender, and other things that could help the chatbot better respond to your questions.


For this to work, users must provide ChatGPT with what they call “custom prompts,” which become parameters that the chatbot may take into account when answering the user’s questions. OpenAI says they will try to ensure that ChatGPT does not remember facts that could identify the person asking the questions, but the exact process is not mentioned.

To use custom prompts with ChatGPT, users must choose to activate the feature. Currently, the feature is not available to users in the EU and the UK but is being tested in other markets where ChatGPT has been launched.

You can read more about ChatGPT’s new feature on The Verge via the link below, where the feature was demonstrated by one of OpenAI’s developers.

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