The Information has been in contact with a source who has revealed a bit about an upcoming AI initiative from Google called Gemini.


It involves tools for generative AI that can generate both texts and images. Google already has AI called Bard today, which can generate texts and function as a chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

Gemini appears to be an evolution of Bard that can also generate images, similar to how Midjourney and Stable Diffusion do, for example. In the long run, Google also seems to have plans for Gemini to be used to analyze and create flowcharts, gain support for voice functions, and more.

Gemini is being developed by Google DeepMind, Google’s new AI division created earlier this year when Google merged Google Brain and DeepMind. Perhaps the merger has also given rise to the name “Gemini,” referencing the idea that the upcoming AI, along with its associated language model (LLM), can handle both text and images.

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