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AI on the Cutting Edge of Biomedicine

Generative AI is here. The genie is out of the bottle. For better or worse, AI is part of our lives now, and it can improve our existence in ways no one can predict. Medical research wasted no time recognizing the potential of the technology and putting it to use well before it became publicly […]

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What is AGI, and Does ChatGPT Have It?

Artificial general intelligence is a superior kind of artificial intelligence that can perform all human tasks better than humans. The problem with AGI is that we do not have a scientifically accepted definition for it. Different experts may understand different AI capabilities under the AGI moniker. Some people think they have spotted glimpses of AGI […]

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AI Whisperers Wanted. The Rise of Prompt Engineering

Barely has AI surfaced as a viable tool for businesses and individuals, it has already created a demand for a new type of job: AI whisperer. As we currently know and understand it, AI, with its Large Language Models (LLM), can supplant humans in a variety of jobs. Many believe that it can simulate creativity […]

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ZTE’s Nubia Pad 3D Promises Glassless 3D

The possibility of eyewear-less 3D displays on mobile devices has always excited the imagination of those looking to push the boundaries of mobile technology. ZTE Corporation’s latest attempt in this regard may not be the first attempt at eyewear-free mobile 3D. But it may be the first solution that makes the technology feasible, practical, and […]

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What to look for in the best fitness apps

The beginning of a new year is always a time for fitness resolutions. Some people hit the gym on their own. Others turn to personal coaches for motivation, guidance, and accountability. Motivation, guidance, and accountability are the holy trifecta of fitness success. And nowadays, apps can deliver all these critical success factors, acting as virtual […]