Elon Musk is arguably the world’s most spontaneous billionaire, and yesterday, he changed the logo of his service X, formerly known as Twitter, just a few hours after replacing Twitter’s characteristic blue bird logo.

The X logo becomes bolder

The latest X logo has thicker lines in its X compared to the first version of the logo. However, Musk doesn’t seem to have been entirely satisfied with the new logo. Yesterday, he tweeted that he didn’t like the new logo either and that the logo would be further developed in the future.

On Sunday, Musk announced that Twitter would change its name to “X” and that the blue bird logo would disappear from the service. Branding experts have already said that the name change is likely to wipe off millions of dollars from the service’s valuation.

Lawyers who have spoken on the matter also say that X will likely be sued by one of the hundreds of companies in the USA that have registered various forms of X trademarks. Among these companies are Microsoft and Meta, among others.


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