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Now, Linux is bigger than macOS on Steam

In Valve’s gaming service, Steam, the user statistics for July show that Linux has surpassed macOS and is now the second-largest operating system on the platform after Windows. However, Windows users still dominate on Steam, with 96.21 percent of users running some version of Windows in July. In comparison, Linux had a combined percentage of […]

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Warzone 2.0 is getting a new map

Tomorrow it’s time for a new Fortnite season, and next week it’s time for a new season for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This new Call of Duty season will include a new Warzone map called Vondel. The map is based on the Amsterdam map from the campaign and features 15 different zones to […]

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Expedia starts using ChatGPT

Travel service Expedia has integrated OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT into the iOS version of its app, allowing Expedia users to chat with the bot about their upcoming vacation plans. The idea is for ChatGPT to provide Expedia users with advice and tips on potential vacation destinations they plan to visit. This could include recommendations for accommodations, […]

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How to study for Class 9 Term 1

The 9th standard is the stepping stone towards one of the most crucial phases of student life – the 10th standard, where typically the students would face their state-level or national-level board examination. Recently, CBSE has published a term-by-term syllabus for Grades 9-12. The academic period of the academic year will be divided into two […]

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7 Trends are Expected to be in Mobile Software Development in 2022

The pandemic situation has significantly influenced the growth of people’s dependence on smartphones around the world. Because of this, the growth rate of mobile apps popularity continues to skyrocket. Thereby, top software development companies in USA strive to develop in new directions. They introduce modern innovative technologies and take up more space on users’ mobile […]

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Project management guide: how to integrate graphs in your project planning

Creating a PERT chart, bar graph, flowchart, Gantt chart, or process control chart are some ways project managers take control of simple and complex projects. These charts visually represent data in an easily understandable format to ensure complex project management concepts become simpler. These charts also help evaluate the time, resources, interdependencies, and critical paths […]