Twitter has now begun distributing money from its ad revenue sharing program, which was announced earlier this year.

Twitter Elon Musk

With the program, Twitter users who are enrolled in Twitter’s paid service will receive a share of the revenue generated by ads displayed in reply tweets to their own tweets. To be eligible for a share of Twitter’s ad revenue, in addition to being subscribed to Twitter Blue, users’ tweets must have received at least five million likes or replies in the past three months.

Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, previously stated that Twitter plans to distribute a total of $5 million from its ad revenue to qualifying tweeters in its revenue sharing program. The exact amount earned is unclear, but it appears to be significant.

Brian Krassenstein, a tech entrepreneur and journalist with approximately 750,000 followers, writes that he has received nearly $25,000 for the ads displayed in his reply tweets since February.

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