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Raspberry Pi launches programming environment

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, the organization best known for its small single-board computers, has now launched a simpler programming environment for those who want to code online. With Pi Code Editor, it is possible to code in the programming language Python and test the program directly in a web browser. The programming environment is very […]

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Sony stops developing Dreams

Sony’s game studio Media Molecule has announced that they will stop developing Dreams, the Playstation 4 app where users could create their own games and experiences for Sony’s game console. In a blog post, Media Molecule writes that they plan to release a final update to Dreams in September and then focus on a new […]

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Google ends support for third-party smart displays

According to 9to5Google, Google will no longer send software updates to third-party smart displays that run Google Assistant. This was announced on a Google Duo support page in a short message. Where it says: Important: Google no longer provides software updates for these third-party Smart Displays: Lenovo Smart Display (7″, 8″ & 10″), JBL Link […]

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Google integrates WebGPU into Chrome

Google has announced that it will integrate the proposed standard WebGPU into its web browser, which will make it possible to run graphics much faster in the browser. Unlike WebGL, a similar technology used for graphic-heavy applications in today’s web browsers, WebGPU uses APIs provided directly via Vulkan (Google/ChromeOS), Metal (Apple/MacOS), and Direct3D 12 (Microsoft/Windows). […]

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Zoom gets higher IQ With new AI features

Zoom is the latest service to receive new features based on artificial intelligence. Zoom IQ, as it’s called, will be able to summarize chat threads, organize ideas, and generate content for chats, emails, and meeting agendas. Here are the new features coming to Zoom: It is currently unclear when the features will be rolled out […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Loop: Exploring Loop Components, Pages, and Workspaces

As of today, 74% of US companies operate a hybrid work model, and 59% of employees prefer remote work. Microsoft may be leveraging these stats with Microsoft Loop. The all-encompassing, hybrid-styled, digital hub is dubbed the future of collaborative workspaces, drawing similarities with Notion. Microsoft Loop boasts three elements: components, pages, and workspaces. Although Microsoft […]

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Microsoft releases collaboration tool Loop

Microsoft is now releasing its collaboration app Loop, with which users can create things together in various projects regardless of which Microsoft tools they use. It is possible to integrate things from Microsoft 365 apps into the projects that are created, and these are automatically updated if documents created with the apps are updated by […]

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Epic showcases MetaHuman Animator

Unreal’s MetaHuman now has the new Animator feature, which allows game developers to transfer an actor’s expression to a 3D model with just an iPhone, in just a few minutes. In the clip above, we can see how it works, and as we can see, it all goes very smoothly. It has long been possible […]

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Anthropic releases artificial intelligence Claude

Anthropic, an AI company founded by researchers who previously worked on ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI, is now releasing a ChatGPT competitor that they claim will be both “safer” and “less harmful” than other similar tools. Anthropic calls its AI Claude and writes: Claude can help with use cases including summarization, search, creative and collaborative writing, Q&A, […]

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OpenAI releases GPT-4

We have all heard of ChatGPT by now, and that product is based on GPT-3.5. Now, OpenAI is releasing GPT-4 which is even smarter and can do even bigger things. GPT-4 can take in and generate up to 25,000 words which is eight times more than GPT-3.5. GPT-4 can also see and understand images. For […]

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Microsoft Edge gets Bing AI

Microsoft is now rolling out Bing’s AI chatbot to the regular version of its web browser, Edge. The feature, which was previously only available in developer versions of Edge, is now becoming available to more users on both Windows and macOS. Here’s how Microsoft describes the new feature: – The New Discover: Edge Copilot is […]