The Chinese giant Baidu has recently presented a new version of its chatbot ERNIE Bot, which they have reportedly been working on for ten years. The bot is said to have a capacity similar to that of GPT-4, which is OpenAI’s latest language model. Baidu says that ERNIE Bot has a knowledge graph with 550 billion facts, with a focus on the Chinese market. It can respond with audio in various Chinese dialects and generate images and videos from Chinese text.

Baidu ERNIE Bot Press Conference

During a demonstration, it was able to summarize a Chinese sci-fi novel, suggest a sequel to the book, name actors in the film adaptation, and compare their height. Baidu says that 650 companies have already signed up for a waiting list to use ERNIE, but it is not yet ready for a public debut. Currently, an invitation is required to use ERNIE

Baidu Ernie

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