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DuckDuckGo releases its browser for Windows

The privacy-focused search engine company DuckDuckGo released its browser today, which they have been developing over the past year, in a beta version for Windows. DuckDuckGo’s browser naturally uses the company’s own search engine as the default, which hopefully reduces the risk of users being tracked through their searches. Furthermore, they have integrated their own […]

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Spotify’s Desktop Interface Receives an Exciting Makeover with Revamped ‘Your Library’ and ‘Now Playing’ Views

Before the mobile version of Spotify gained popularity, fans enjoyed streaming their favorite songs on the Desktop version. Now, this experience is undergoing one of its most significant overhauls yet, featuring revamped ‘Your Library’ and ‘Now Playing’ views. This update aims to provide users with the best possible Spotify experience on their computers or web […]

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Microsoft Edge gets a new design

Microsoft announces that its web browser Edge is receiving a new modular design to make it easier to distinguish between internet content and Edge-generated content. The new design also includes a new button for profiles at the top left corner and a softer aesthetic with rounded corners designed to “complement your operating system, whether it’s […]

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Easily share files between Windows and Android

Microsoft is now rolling out a file transfer tool that works with Windows 11. An update to Windows Subsystem for Android is now available for all Windows Insiders to test and includes file transfer, drag-and-drop support, camera improvements, and a bunch of regular bug fixes. Users can share Windows user folders like Documents and Pictures […]

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Guy explains Photoshop’s cool new AI features

Adobe recently launched generative AI in beta form for Photoshop. This feature gives users the ability to expand images beyond what actually exists in the original. If you’ve been on social media in the past week, it has been virtually impossible to miss at least one example of this being used. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool. […]

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Microsoft bids farewell to Cortana

Microsoft stated in a support document that it will be discontinuing support for Cortana in Windows, the smart assistant that has been used for various tasks within Microsoft’s operating system. Microsoft introduced Cortana for the now-defunct Windows Phone in 2014, initially positioning it as a competitor to Apple’s Siri assistant. Later, the voice-activated assistant also […]

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Microsoft Build in five minutes

Two days ago, Microsoft held its annual developer conference, Build, where they showcased many new features that unsurprisingly leverage AI to make users’ lives better. In the video below, The Verge has condensed everything into five minutes, highlighting the most important news regarding Windows, Edge, and Microsoft 365.

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Windows adds support for RAR files

Yesterday, Microsoft’s developer conference, Build, kicked off and they revealed, among other things, that Windows 11 will receive support for opening more file formats used for file compression. In a blog post, Windows Product Chief Panos Panay writes: We have added native support for additional archive formats, including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and many others […]

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Best Alternatives to iOS and Android

In the past decade, iOS and Android have ruled the smartphone market, leaving little space for other operating systems. However, consumers now increasingly demand alternatives for various reasons. Some reasons for this trend include wanting more choices, customization, and privacy. For example, iOS and Android data collection practices may raise privacy concerns for some users. […]

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Teams to get animated backgrounds

Microsoft Teams will be getting animated backgrounds, which means you can be a bit flashy in your virtual meetings. It remains to be seen what they will look like, but if you interpret the images of the backgrounds that Microsoft has released, it looks like they will be quite artistic and something that belongs in […]

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Spotify continues to grow

In its latest quarterly report, Spotify reports an unexpectedly large growth in the number of users during the first quarter of 2023. The number of active users per month increased by 22 percent to 515 million, and the number of those who pay for a subscription increased by 15 percent to 210 million. Revenue is […]