Supercar Blondie has had the opportunity to check out the successor to the Lamborghini Aventador – the Revuelto.

Most Powerful Lamborghini Ever – Revuelto

This one features a hybridized V12 engine with a total of over 1000 horsepower, and when it goes on sale next year, it will have a price tag of around $600,000.

Lamborghini Revuelto

Here, we see Andrea Caldarelli taking Lamborghini’s latest model, the Revuelto, out on the Autodromo Piero Taruffi race track in Italy. We get a glimpse of how quickly the car accelerates and that it has no trouble drifting if desired. Despite having over 1000 horsepower, the car is supposed to be easy to drive and perform exceptionally well on the track, according to Andrea.

Lamborghini Revuelto: track testing by factory driver Andrea Caldarelli

The first deliveries of the Revuelto will take place during the fourth quarter of this year. The model is sold out for the next two years.

Bonus clip below.

Lamborghini Revuelto PURE SOUND Compilation! V12 & Full electric mode

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