Fujifilm has today introduced the sixth generation of its popular X100 series, now with the much-anticipated image stabilization and a range of upgrades. However, the new X100 VI retains the classic appearance.

Fuji x100VI

The new built-in image stabilization is designed to provide up to six steps of shake reduction. This should result in sharper images under difficult lighting conditions and when shooting handheld. The camera also features a new 40-megapixel sensor, the same as in the Fujifilm X-H2. It now also supports recording in 6.2k/30p with 4:2:2 color sampling in 10 bits. Thanks to a more powerful processor (X-Processor 5), the autofocus has also been significantly improved. The camera can now recognize and focus on a variety of subjects, including animals and cars.

Limitation is the catalyst for creativity: Fuji x100VI

All previous accessories for the X100 series are compatible with the new model.

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