How AI, IoT, and big data will shape the future of cybersecurity?

It is hard to believe that technologies, such as AI, IoT, and Big Data are still in its infancy. These technologies have entered almost every single field in the world today, including cybersecurity. Since the growth of the internet, cyber security has always been an issue of concern for all IT professionals. Image Source: Statistica …

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A Screenshot Of Borderlands 2 loot box with malware on it

Borderlands 3 Website Auto-Downloads Malware Doc to User’s Phone

It’s tough to tame an eager audience, and for fans of the long-running Borderlands series, the wait for the next game is all too real. That’s why fans, desperate for any and all news related to their favorite property, might be more gullible than most, especially when visiting a website with the sequel’s anticipated name. …

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The Differences Between ERP and Financial Software

Many professionals have grown accustomed to using financial software over the years—especially accountants and those who work in financial services. While financial software may be effective at handling certain tasks, it simply cannot compete with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software as a full package. There’s plenty of overlap between the two, but ERP and financial …

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100 Best Android Apps


Although the iPhone has been the “it” phone for some time, the Android is not set on second place. In fact, the Android has generated a major threat. In a struggle to compete, Apple has even resorted to lowering their prices on the iPhone. While Google and Apple continue in their phone war debacle, the customers are taking first place. As a result of the battle, hundreds of amazing Android Apps have been developed for consumer pleasure and convenience.

If you own an Android powered phone, you may be wondering which Apps to download. Here is an organized list detailing the 100 best Apps available. From business to music and for everything in between, you are guaranteed to uncover an App that will make your life a little less hectic and a lot more rewarding.

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Is the Blackberry Dead?

Remember what cell phones were like before iPhone and Android? Basically cell phone users fell into 2 categories—those who wanted the tiniest phone they could get their hands on (remember Nokia?) and more serious, adult users who went the way of the Blackberry. The Blackberry was touted as the personal digital assistant. It made it …

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