Getty Images, the company that sells images and photographs to other services and businesses, is now launching its own generative AI service. With Getty’s new AI service, users can enter text that the AI then converts into an image, just like services such as Midjourney, Dall-e, and Stable Diffusion do.

Getty AI

The service uses Nvidia’s AI tool Picasso, which is part of Nvidia’s AI platform cloud-based platform AI Foundations. Getty has previously prohibited users from uploading AI-generated images to their royalty-free service as they have been concerned about getting into copyright disputes over the images.

They have also sued the AI company Stability AI, which is behind the text-to-image AI Stable Diffusion, as they believe it was trained using images from Getty Images’ image bank.

Generative AI by Getty Images

The new AI service from Getty will be available to the company’s paying customers. The generated images will be completely royalty-free. Shutterstock and Adobe Stock, some of Getty Images’ competitors, have also previously launched generative AI features that create images from text that the AI is fed.

In the video below, Getty Images presents “Generative AI by Getty Images” in more detail.

Introducing Generative AI – Getty Images

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