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Four astronauts back on Earth

Yesterday, four astronauts returned from the International Space Station (ISS) to Earth. The returning astronauts included the two NASA astronauts Stephen Bowen and Woody Hoburg, Roscosmos astronaut Andrey Fedyaev, and Sultan Alneyadi from the United Arab Emirates, who returned on the SpaceX Crew-6 mission. While aboard the ISS, they were part of Expedition 68 / […]

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India’s moon rover has entered sleep mode

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) announced last Saturday that their rover Pragyan, which landed on the moon two weeks ago, has now entered sleep mode. This occurred as one of the moon’s two-week-long nights set in. Pragyan is powered by an electric motor, with its batteries being charged by the spacecraft’s built-in solar panels. […]

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Playstation Portal will be launched on November 15th

Sony is set to begin releasing its portable streaming device, Playstation Portal, on November 15th. However, this date applies only to a few selected countries. The countries that will be able to experience this device then, are the USA, UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal. Playstation Portal is essentially […]

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Samsung and LG Begin Collaboration in the Smart Home Space

The upcoming major electronics fair, IFA, is about to start in Berlin, and ahead of that, both South Korean companies LG and Samsung announced a new collaboration. The collaboration focuses on the realm of the ‘smart home,’ allowing users who have smart home devices, TVs, and other products from both companies to control these items […]

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Meta Develops Virtual Keyboard for Meta Quest

Meta’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has showcased a virtual keyboard for virtual reality developed by Meta’s Reality Labs. The virtual keyboard is an app for Meta’s VR headset, the Meta Quest 2, and allows users to use a table or any other flat surface as a keyboard. Zuckerberg himself writes on Instagram that he has managed […]

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Are the Beats Studio Pro worth it?

Earlier this summer, Beats released a new version of their over-ear headphones, the Studio Pro. But are they worth considering? Quinn Nelson from Snazzy Labs doesn’t think so. He criticizes aspects like the build quality, features, and comfort of the headphones, highlighting issues such as creaky plastic, cheap buttons, shallow ear cups, and overall discomfort. […]

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A closer look at Soulframe

During this year’s Gamescom expo, Digital Extremes, the game studio behind Warframe, showcased more of their upcoming fantasy game, Soulframe. This is a free-to-play MMO that is said to have drawn inspiration from films like The NeverEnding Story and the Japanese Princess Mononoke. Above, you can find a new trailer for the game, and in […]

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Meta Releases Code Llama

Meta has introduced a new AI that can assist users in generating programming code simply by providing instructions to the AI about what the code should accomplish. The codebot is called “Code Llama” and utilizes Meta’s large language model (LLM) Llama 2, which was released earlier this year. Just like Llama 2, Code Llama is […]

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New trailer for Alan Wake 2

Soon it’s time to dig into Alan Wake’s horror world again, and during Gamescom, Remedy Entertainment released a new trailer for Alan Wake 2, which you can check out here. The gameplay trailer is titled “The Dark Place” and, just like its predecessor, revolves around the horror-filled experiences of the author Alan Wake. Remedy describes […]

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Apptronik showcases humanoid robot

The American startup company Apptronik has unveiled its humanoid robot, Apollo, a robot that NASA is said to have assisted in building, according to Apptronik. Apptronik itself refers to Apollo as a “general purpose” robot, but it seems to be primarily designed to replace warehouse workers, as shown in the video clips below. The robot […]

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New compact speaker from Sony

You can never have enough of small, compact wireless speakers, or at least we hope that’s the case, as Sony now releases its latest speaker, the SRS-XB100. According to Sony, the speaker should provide clear sound even at slightly higher volumes thanks to DSP (digital signal processing) and an “off-center membrane.” The battery life is […]

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India’s lunar landing succeeded

Yesterday, India’s lunar lander Vikram (“valor”) successfully soft-landed on the moon. This was India’s second attempt at landing on the moon after an unsuccessful attempt in 2019. With this achievement, India becomes the first nation to softly land at the moon’s south pole and the fourth nation overall, after the USA, Soviet Union, and China, […]

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Sony launches two new Playstation headphones

Today, Sony isn’t just releasing Portal; we’re also getting two pairs of headphones designed to work seamlessly with the new device as well as the PS5. The Pulse Elite is a wireless headset with a foldable microphone, and the Pulse Explore is Sony’s first set of wireless earbuds with dual microphones and noise cancellation. Both […]

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Python is coming to Excel

The popular programming language Python is now being integrated into Microsoft’s spreadsheet application Excel, allowing Excel users to use Python code to handle and manipulate data in their worksheets. Stefan Kinnestrand from Microsoft says: You can manipulate and explore data in Excel using Python plots and libraries, and then use Excel’s formulas, charts and PivotTables […]

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Røde launches a new wireless microphone system

The Australian audio company Røde is now releasing its latest wireless microphone system called Wireless Pro. The system is said to be “the most powerful ever created by Røde.” Wireless Pro is a compact dual-channel wireless microphone that utilizes Røde’s 2.4 GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption. This enables audio transmission of up to 260 […]

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Two hours of Armored Core VI

On August 26th, FromSoftware will finally release Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. The game is the latest installment in the long-running mech series, with the first game being released in 1997. However, the game series has been somewhat stagnant for a while, making it particularly interesting to see if FromSoftware will draw some inspiration […]

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Release date for EA Sports NHL 24

EA announced yesterday that EA Sports NHL 24 will be released on October 6th. The game will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Those hoping for a Windows release will have to continue waiting for better times. The cover athlete for this year’s game is Colorado Avalanche defenseman […]

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Pro-Ject introduces turntable with Wi-Fi

Turntable manufacturer Pro-Ject is now releasing its first turntable with built-in Wi-Fi – Pro-Ject T2 W. Lately, it has become more and more popular to equip turntables with Bluetooth support for streaming to various speakers; the problem then is that the quality can suffer. With Wi-Fi, however, this turntable can transmit audio up to 24-bit […]