American politicians are now calling for additional sanctions against Huawei and other Chinese companies that supply components to Huawei for its mobile phones. This comes after Huawei unveiled the Mate 60 Pro last month, a mobile device with support for both 5G and satellite connectivity.

HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro

American companies have previously been prohibited from exporting 5G technology to Huawei, which led to Huawei losing its position as one of the world’s largest mobile manufacturers. However, the Mate 60 Pro features the 5G chip, 5G Kirin 9000s, developed with 7nm technology by the partially state-owned Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC).

Some believe that it would not have been possible for Huawei to develop the Mate 60 Pro without using technology developed by American companies. Mike Gallagher, an American politician who serves on the U.S. Congress China Committee, states:

This chip likely could not be produced without US technology and thus SMIC may have violated the Department of Commerce’s Foreign Direct Product Rule.

Furthermore, Gallagher believes that the USA should prohibit all exports of chip technology to Huawei and SMIC, not just the advanced technology required for making 5G chips.

The time has come to end all U.S. technology exports to both Huawei and SMIC to make clear any firm that flouts U.S. law and undermines our national security will be cut off from our technology.

What it all ultimately leads to remains to be seen. However, it appears that the ‘tech war’ between the USA and China may be on the verge of escalating.

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