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Is iSIM better than eSIM? Here Is What We Know

eSIM and iSIM have obvious advantages over physical SIM. They are more functional, durable, and tamper-proof. While integrated SIMs look more advanced than embedded SIMs, does it mean they are also better? Let’s check. The Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) verifies and secures the identity of a cellular network user. It allows you to call, text, […]

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Satellite Connectivity for Smartphones: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Satellite connectivity for smartphones is the new buzzword. Industry experts believe it’s the next big thing in telecom. As companies race to develop satellite-enabled smartphones, what is this concept, and how does it work? Satellite connectivity connects your phone with a space satellite to transmit data. Because it uses space, satellite-enabled smartphones are often called […]

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Google Maps vs. Apple Maps 2023 Comparison

Google Maps and Apple Maps are two of the most popular navigation apps. Both offer directions for different forms of transit, but their features vary. With significant improvements in both, which one is better in 2023? Talk about maps, and you’ll have most people sing Google’s eulogies. Why? Google Maps has an outsize impact on […]

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Android 14 Release: List of Eligible Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and More)

Google released the Developer preview for Android 14 in early February. Since then, tech enthusiasts have highlighted distinguishing features between the new software update from its precursor. Tech experts expect the Beta version to be released at the I/O conference and the stable version in August. While we wait for its release, this article provides […]

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How You Can Upgrade Your PS4 Games on PS5

Sony released the PlayStation 5 (PS5) on November 12, 2020, marking a significant advancement over the PS4. On launch days, the PS5 sold 2.1 million to 2.5 million units worldwide, with the Disc Edition representing 75% of the sales. Sony still struggles with supply due to COVID-19-related constraints and chip shortages. Despite this, revenue increased […]

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AirPods Pro 2 vs. AirPods 3: Which Earbuds Are the Perfect Fit for You?

Since entering the market in 1976, Apple has been a leading player in the mobile and technology industry. Known for creating devices that blend aesthetics and functionality, the luxury brand continues to produce high-quality products. One example is the Apple AirPods, highly praised for their exceptional sound quality and seamless compatibility with iOS devices.  When […]

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The Race to the Top in the EV Market: Introducing Sony And Honda’s Brand, Afeela

When Sony first announced their intentions to enter the automotive industry, many were skeptical of the electronics giant’s ability to venture into such a vastly different field successfully. Without prior experience or partnerships in the industry, the idea of Sony creating an electric vehicle (EV) brand seemed ambitious at best.  However, the company quickly proved […]

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Sony’s Android-Powered NW-A306 Walkman: Smart Features at an Affordable Cost

Sony has launched a new hi-res music-playing, portable Walkman dubbed the NW-A306. Unlike its predecessors, this Walkman is surprisingly affordable. It contains Sony’s trademark smart features at an incredible price. It’s even more unique considering it’s Android-powered, mainly operating on Android 12. Aside from its cost, I admire the new Walkman’s battery, design, and performance. […]

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How to Set Up Wi-Fi Calling on Your Smartphones

You’ve likely experienced a frustrating cellular network situation at some point. Whether you couldn’t make phone calls or felt lost without a reliable connection, these situations can be frustrating. One solution that is often overlooked is Wi-Fi calling. While it may not be the first option that comes to mind, it can be highly effective […]

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7 Best PSVR 2 Launch Titles to Buy and Play If You’re New to VR

Virtual gaming offers endless entertainment and unforgettable experiences. If you’re new to the gaming world, consider trying a virtual reality headset designed for the PlayStation 5. These headsets provide an immersive gaming experience with advanced control schemes and exceptional features. As the release of Sony’s PSVR 2 headset approaches, many individuals will be introduced to […]

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10 Intriguing Gadgets on Display at CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 showcased the latest and greatest technology. It had over 3,200 exhibitors showcasing its products to over 115,000 attendees. There were over 1000 startups and more than 200 conference sessions. As a tech enthusiast, the event was a feast for the eyes, with a wide range of gadgets on display […]

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11 Tech Innovations That Made the World Smile in 2022

As the world faced inflation, death, war, diseases, and other chaos in 2022, it’s undeniable that these traumatic events brought significant negative changes to people’s lives and made the world a difficult place to live in. While it’s crucial to address these pressing issues, it’s also essential to recognize the events that brought some positivity […]