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Smart Speaker vs Smart Display

If you are building a smart home, or already have one, then smart speakers and smart displays are the foundations of said homes and are extremely important. These devices come with voice assistants as well as the ability to connect to a huge variety of smart devices, and could even act as the central command […]

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LG releases TV that fits in a suitcase

LG has now started selling its 27-inch portable screen, StanbyME Go. The LCD TV has a resolution of 1080p and is stored in a custom-made suitcase designed specifically for the TV. Inside, there’s also a battery that lasts for three hours and 20-watt speakers. Spontaneously, it feels like a perfect product for, for example, a […]

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Prototype of Samsung’s XR headset leaks

The Chinese website Gyro Technology claims to have obtained images showing a prototype of an upcoming XR headset from Samsung. This is likely the headset that Samsung announced earlier this year that it was developing in collaboration with Google. The headset is equipped with four cameras intended for positioning and hand tracking for control. There’s […]

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Grow mushrooms at home with Shrooly

If you’re interested in cultivating mushrooms at home, the small greenhouse called Shrooly might be intriguing. It’s a transparent box where the user can grow one of twelve types of mushrooms at a time. To use Shrooly, you need to plant the company’s own mushroom pods in the small greenhouse. Then, the user selects the […]

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Roborock joins the Connectivity Standards Alliance

Now, Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) has announced that several more companies, including the manufacturer Roborock, have become members of the organization. This could be seen as a sign that the manufacturer’s robot vacuum cleaners will receive support for the smart home standard, Matter, in the future. The first major update of the standard, Matter 2.0, […]

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UFC is coming to Meta Quest

Meta will start streaming MMA matches from UFC in its VR app, Xtadium. This collaboration is part of a partnership Meta has established with the American streaming service, UFC Fight Pass. In the future, Meta also plans to feature UFC Fight Pass in its “metaverse” world, Horizon Worlds. The broadcasts will be available in 4K […]

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40+ Augmented Reality Statistics, Facts, and Trends (2023 and Beyond)

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the biggest technology trends in today’s digital world. Its applications range from product visualization, home designs, and AR games like Pokemon Go to augmented shopping experiences. Many industries, like retail, gaming, healthcare, and education, use this technology to solve business challenges and enhance user experiences. With how sporadic AR […]

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Meta rumored to bid farewell to Quest Pro

The Information has been in contact with sources claiming that Meta will discontinue the production of its slightly more expensive VR headset, Meta Quest Pro, and instead concentrate on the slightly less costly version, Meta Quest. It is also said that Meta has halted the development of a successor to Meta Quest Pro, a version […]

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Home Robots Statistics 2023

Home robots are also known as domestic or consumer robots. These robots are designed to assist with tasks we do in our daily lives. These tasks include chores, education, entertainment, and, as well, act as our companionship. The potential applications for home robots are virtually limitless. From robotic vacuum cleaners and lawnmowers to personal assistants, […]

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Roblox is coming to Meta Quest

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced yesterday that the popular game-building platform Roblox will soon be available on the company’s VR platform, Meta Quest. Roblox on Meta Quest will have cross-platform support. This means that Roblox creations made on a computer, game console, or mobile device will also be accessible on the VR version of Roblox […]

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Lego releases Star Wars: Ahsoka spacecraft

Next month, the new Star Wars series Ahsoka will premiere, and ahead of that, Lego has unveiled even more Star Wars Lego in the form of a new building set featuring two spacecraft from the series. The set includes the Phantom II shuttle and the smaller Ghost spacecraft, which are sold together in the same […]

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The Best Robot Vacuums Right Now

After a long day you may not feel like cleaning up your house and that is where these robot vacuums come into play as they allow you to keep your floors clean without having to lift a single finger. In this day and age, robot vacuums are more affordable and capable than they have ever […]

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Soon you can build Wolverine’s claws in Lego

Lego’s collaboration with Marvel continues, and soon a building set will be released that allows you to assemble the so-called adamantium claws, the retractable claws that Wolverine from X-Men usually brings out when it’s time to fight. Wolverine’s adamantium claw is built with 596 Lego pieces and, when fully constructed, including the pedestal it stands […]

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The Best Power Banks in 2023

Power banks can go by a lot of different names, such as battery packs or portable chargers, but what all of these things have in common is that they are able to charge up your devices when you aren’t able to find an open outlet or if there simply isn’t any electricity that you can […]

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Vision Pro will have support for WebXR

Apple has confirmed that the Safari browser will receive full support for the WebXR standard in Apple’s upcoming VR/AR headset, Vision Pro. WebXR is an almost ten-year-old standard for running VR content through a web browser. The inclusion of WebXR support in Vision Pro means that VR experiences that can be run through the headset’s […]

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Robosen releases a new Transformers robot

Chinese company Robosen, in collaboration with the American toy company Hasbro, has developed another Transformers robot for play. It is a mechanical version of the Transformers robot Bumblebee. Unlike other Transformers robots made by Robosen over the years, the Bumblebee robot unfortunately cannot transform into a car, which I believe is what defines a Transformers […]

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New world record in Rubik’s Cube

A 21-year-old guy from California has broken the world record for the fastest time to solve a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube. The guy, named Max Park, set a new record of 3.13 seconds, which is slightly faster than the previous record, also held by Max, which was 3.63 seconds. Max is no novice when it comes […]