One of the more memorable scenes in the latest season of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian is undoubtedly when Grogu (aka Baby “The Child” Yoda) gets his “own” robot to glide around and cause mischief with.


In collaboration with Lucasfilm, Hot Toys has now created a collectible figure of Grogu’s robot, which has started to be sold. The robot is called IG-12 (formerly IG-11) and provides Grogu with the ability to do some things that the little troublemaker usually cannot.


It can even communicate by saying “yes” and “no,” and the collectible figure naturally has these built-in sound effects. The model stands at 36 cm tall. The standard version of IG-12 costs 264 dollars, and there is also a version with various accessories available for 360 dollars.

Below, you can check out the scene where Grogu receives IG-12 in The Mandalorian.

Grogu Refuses to Leave IG 12 Yes & No Scene The Mandalorian

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