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Wireless microphones for creatives

DJI Mic promises cable-free studio sound in interview microphones. DJI is best known for its drones, like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, but the company also manufactures microphones for content creators and others who need to record sound in the field. Now, DJI is expanding its range with the DJI Mic 1 TX + 1 […]

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Manually Updating the HomePod Mini: A Step-by-Step Guide

The HomePod mini is a compact smart speaker developed by Apple. It integrates with Apple’s ecosystem of devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, and can be controlled using Siri voice commands. The HomePod mini offers high-quality audio, including deep bass and clear highs, and supports multiple users, allowing each person to receive personalized responses […]

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Stiga shows off new Robot Mowers

Stiga has presented a few new Robot Mowers that don’t need a wire to guide the Robot Mower within its perimeter. Stigas new Robot Mowers uses a navigation system that Stiga callse Active Guidance System (AGS) which together with GPS-RTK will give a accuracy of 1-4 cm when cutting grass. There are three new models […]

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Get a health lab at home

Keeping track of your health to have the best and high-quality life possible is important. But it’s not always easy to make time to go to the doctor to check on your general health status. Unless you really feel sick of course. During a visit to the doctor, you almost always have to provide a […]

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3 Key Ways to Know You Need Laptop Repair

Slow-loading programs, unexpected shutdowns, and those dreaded blue screens. You probably noticed these laptop issues before. Don’t think they’re a big deal? There are a number of reasons why laptops run into problems, some are more serious than others. While a quarter of computer breakdowns happen for minor reasons, it’s understandable if you think these problems call […]

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9 Free Cool iPhone Apps

“There’s an app for that” is an understatement as Apple’s App Store has thousands of apps that turns browsing for cool apps into an overwhelming experience. Some we couldn’t begin to fathom an app exists as you’ll see from this list. Here we pick a handful that you’ll find useful. BeFunky Photo Editor The built-in […]

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Trick out Your iPad

Either you’re already the envy of your friends with that iPad or you want to treat a loved one with a few surprises. Dress up and trick out the iPad to boost its style points and optimize its use. Yes, with a little accessorizing, it’s possible to take your iPad’s sexiness to new levels. Belkin […]

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iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Apps

A tornado hit within two miles of my house, the closest I’ve come to experiencing Mother Nature’s ferocity. The kids in the local schools didn’t leave until over an hour after the last bell. This had never happened in 20 years of living in this city. We think it’ll never happen to us. But it […]

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How to Deal with Hacked Email

The downside of having a web-based or cloud-based email account is that it could be hacked. Accessing email online has many advantages that outweigh the possibility of hacking. Besides, those using computer-based email can still become victims of hacking by opening suspicious attachments or clicking phishing links. Even if your email account remains safe, follow […]

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Access Gmail with Offline Google Mail

With Wi-Fi available in more places, many of us take the Internet for granted feeling always connected. But there are times when the Internet isn’t available whether it’s Mother Nature intervening, a wireless company’s outage or traveling in an airplane that requires turning off the network. Once upon a time, we didn’t always connect to […]

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Kindle Fire vs. Apple iPad

You must admit Amazon keeps amazing everyone. The store originally sold books. Then it added products from A to Z. It went further by creating its own product in the Kindle eReader. The eReader move has paid off as Amazon said its ebooks outsell books. Now, it took another step by with its own tablet […]

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Apple iPhone 4S Announcement

Many feel let down by the recent iPhone announcement because they expected to hear about the iPhone 5. And then, Steve Jobs passed away the next day. Maybe it was a good thing. The tame announcement allowed the world to reflect on Steve Jobs’ incredible life and contributions. Initial Reaction to the iPhone 4S In […]

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Features to Look for When Buying a Smartphone

The pool of smartphones available today is overwhelming. Not only do you need to decide on the type of smartphone — such as iPhone, Android and BlackBerry — but also the model. If you’re not sure which type you want, think about how you will use the phone. Will you read email, ebooks and documents? […]

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5 Facebook Apps for Androids

Using Facebook through a PC is a wholly difference experience from using one on a tablet or phone between the smaller screens and the use of fingers to interact with the app. While you can use Facebook through your Android browser, working with an app made with the Android in mind improves the user experience. […]