Stiga has presented a few new Robot Mowers that don’t need a wire to guide the Robot Mower within its perimeter.

Stigas new Robot Mowers uses a navigation system that Stiga callse Active Guidance System (AGS) which together with GPS-RTK will give a accuracy of 1-4 cm when cutting grass. There are three new models of mowers that have a working area of 1500 – 5000 square meters.

The model Stiga Experience A 1500 has a working area of 1500 square meters and will cost $3000. The Stiga Expert Model comes in two variants A3000 and A5000 which have a capacity of cutting lawns at 3000 and 5000 square meters. A3000 will cost $4500 and A5000 around $6000.

Here is a video that explains their new AGS system.

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