If you spend a lot of time sitting down, you could be messing up your posture in the process. People aren’t meant to be hunched over all day. The human body is made for movement!

That said, your work and/or hobbies might require you to sit down for several hours at a time. Whether you’re a gamer or office worker, it’s important to use a chair that supports your spine.

Work is hard enough without the additional tension sitting places on your body. Gaming is meant to be fun. Sitting in a rigid, uncomfortable position sucks all the enjoyment out of the experience. Opseat is on a mission to remove this unnecessary stress from your life.

Opseat provides a cost effective chair that will help you game or work for hours in total comfort. They understand no two bodies are made alike. Their chairs offer a sturdy high back, cushioned base, and adjustable support pillows that can be customized to fit your unique body type.

Opseat is conscious of the fact that people come in many different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re slim, muscular, or a bit “fluffy,” you’ll be able to make their gaming chairs work for you. Opseat’s chairs can support up to 300 pounds. They’re constructed with a metal frame, which provides more durability and support than the average office chair.

If you’ve ever put in a marathon workday or gaming session, you probably know what it’s like to experience tension in your neck and lower back. This is not a good feeling! Opseat effectively eliminates this problem by including a neck and lumbar pillow in the chair’s design. They can be adjusted in any way you desire. Your body will be thankful for the additional stability!

Do you have a difficult time sitting still? If so, you might appreciate the fact that Opseat’s chairs including a “rocking” mechanism. There’s an adjustable knob underneath the seat that increases and reduces the amount of effort it takes to rock the chair back and forth. You can also recline the chair as much as you wish. Whether you prefer to sit tall or lean back, you’ll be pleased.

You might be thinking: “This chair sounds awesome, but it’s probably too expensive for me…” That’s a false fear. Opseat’s gaming chairs are currently on sale for $199 (retail price: $249). Most high-end gaming chairs cost $500 or more. In other words, you’re getting a premium experience at a budget price. How rare is that? It’s like a fancy restaurant selling a big, juicy steak for the price of a Happy Meal.

I am sitting in one of Opseat’s chairs as we speak. The frame feels as strong as a tank; and yet, the supportive material feels as delicate as a mattress made out of the softest material on Earth. How is that possible? It beats me, but I’m a big fan. There isn’t an ounce of tension in my body, even though I’ve been working online for several hours. That was never the case in my past life as a banker. Sitting in that rigid office chair made me feel stiff in under an hour. Huge difference!

In addition to being functional, these gaming chairs are quite attractive. Several of my friends have been impressed by mine (and some of them even bought their own!). I love starting trends. Don’t you? The chairs come in a wide variety of colors — red, white, green, yellow, blue, purple, orange, grey, and black (to name a few) — so I bet you’ll be able to get one in your favorite color. If you’re thinking, “I need this chair in my life,” visit www.opseat.com today. You won’t regret it. (Note: Opseat cares about quality, so their products come with a one year limited warranty.)

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