Rumors are still going on around online these past few months because of the anticipated release of the Google Pixel Watch this year.

Of course, we can only expect that fans are bound to wonder about what is going to happen next with Google wearables in 2019. Perhaps this could be the year when the new gear from Google will finally be announced?

Expected Release Date

Well, there’s good news for the fans who are expecting the release of this new watch from Google because there is higher possibility for it to be announced in October 2019. It is mainly because Google will have an annual hardware event by this time.

On top of that, in a newspaper article of Nikkei, Google is likely to release the Pixel Lite phone and the Pixel 4 phone by October. So it is going to be a great time to announce the much anticipated Pixel Watch as well.

What Google Promised Its Users

It was announced by Google in the past that they are going to revamp the policy around the apps of Wear OS on run on devices such as the Pixel Watch. What does it mean? Revamping can only lead to improvements so we can expect that the overall quality of the wearable’s ecosystem will be improved.

Google unveiled in August 2018 the policy calling for a mandatory review of the apps developed by them. This policy was meant to put into consideration the issues seen by Google in its Wear OS apps.

Weak support for various screen types

Technically, Wear OS has made for round and square screens. But some of the round devices may have had a chin.

So developers are strongly advised to test the apps on all screen types to address this issue. In the event when a physical device is unavailable, developers are asked to utilize the emulator of the Wear OS by Google.

Lack of screenshots on how apps should appear in detail

Likewise, for the apps to pass the review, they need to have at least 1 Wear OS screenshot for the app.

In order to keep private the pre-release of Wear apps, the Play Store is not allowed to show the screenshots unless the Wear app will finally be in production or for open testing.

Google Assistant

There might be rumors already widespread about what features are going to be present in the Pixel Watch. However, without bias to these rumors, the most probable feature to this gear is the Google Assistant.

This can be the case because Google Assistant had some very useful roles that the company is going to enhance significantly. As a matter of fact, there is going to be a great role for the Voice Assistant that the Pixel Watch will rely heavily on.

Pixel Watch Hardware

According to a German website, the Pixel Watch being developed has 3 models, code named Ling, Sardine, and Triton. At the same time, it is expected that the models will have at least 1GB of RAM.

Moreover, it was leaked that the device will also have Bluetooth support, heart rate monitor, and several other premium features.

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