Logitech G today introduced the next flagship model in the Astro series. The headset is called Astro A50 X and consists of a headset and a base station.

Astro A50 X

People who own both an Xbox and a PlayStation know that there aren’t too many headsets that support both consoles well, which can be a bit frustrating. The big thing about these Astro headphones is that the base station can connect to multiple devices, enabling use with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC without the need to fiddle with moving a USB transmitter between devices. This makes them definitely fulfill a need for many who have their consoles close to each other but don’t want to buy separate headphones.

The base station works a bit like an HDMI switch where you connect the consoles via HDMI 2.1 and USB. Then you connect an HDMI cable to your TV and choose with a button press which source you want to see and hear. The base station supports HDMI features like ALLM and VRR, so there should be no degradation in sound or image quality just because you run the cables via it.

Astro A50 X

As mentioned, the base station can also be connected to a PC. However, this is done only via USB and not via HDMI or DisplayPort. So, if you use the same TV for your computer as for your consoles, you must have a separate cable for the computer and change the source via the TV remote control. If your computer is far away from your consoles, you can instead run a long USB cable if you really want to use these headphones with the computer. It can also connect to other devices via Bluetooth, such as a phone or Nintendo Switch.

FIRST LOOK | Logitech G ASTRO A50 X | Made to Play

The headset uses the same speaker elements as the Pro X 2, which were entirely made of graphene, which should provide better sound reproduction and reduce sound distortion. The microphone is also said to have received a significant update with extra bandwidth, which should better capture one’s beautiful tones than the previous model did. The battery is said to last 24 hours, but since you’ll likely place the headset in the base station after each use, battery life shouldn’t be a concern.

The headset will be released in stores on December 22.

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