In the recent years retro 80s craze there are a few themes that stand out. One of those themes is the craze about the Back to the Future movies starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The first Back to the Future movie came out in 1985 and has become the very definition of the eighties to many people.

Back to the future movie

One just have to go on Instagram and search for #backtothefuture to see how immensely popular it is right now. And naturally that gives room for companies and individuals to get into that space and try to monetize it. Everything from dvd’s and t-shirts to more odd stuff is being pushed out.

Some really cool Back to the Future gadgets

So here I am just going to give you some pointers to where you can find some of the more qualitative or odd Back to the Future stuff. This is just stuff I have found online and nothing I have actually bought myself so if you plan on buying anything please make your own research of sellers and so on.

Back to the Future – Retro minimalist movie print

Back to the future poster
Image credit: Etsy by TheMoodyCompany

Starting off with a beautiful minimalistic wall decoration. This poster really caught my eye because of the stylish design. Found on Etsy by TheMoodyCompany.

Back To The Future Custom Neon Sign

Back to the future neon sign
Image credit: Etsy by Fanyssineon

Moving on with some more wall decorations. Here we have a neon sign in the classic Back to the future type. If you are into Synthwave or the neon eighties this is certainly for you. Found on Etsy by Fanyssineon.

Delorean Mens T Shirt

Delorean mens t-shirt
Image credit: Etsy by MakayaShirts

One thing about the Back to the Future movies that really get many people going into hyperdrive is the car, the Delorean used to time travel and the Flux Capacitor that makes it tick. Here is a very cool t-shirt design. Found on Etsy by MakayaShirts.

Marty It’s Saturday morning t-shirt

Marty It’s Saturday morning t-shirt
Image credit: Etsy by exARMY

Another nice design t-shirt, Marty, it’s Saturday morning October 26, 1985, 1:18 AM! Found on Etsy by exARMY.

Engraved Back to the Future Whiskey Glass – 1.21 Gigawatts – Flux

Back to the future whiskey class
Image credit: Etsy by ChichiGifts

Well here is something for the Whiskey connoisseur! This design also comes as a pint glass by the same seller. Found on Etsy by ChichiGifts.

DeLorean Time Evolution Canvas, Back To The Future

DeLorean Time Evolution Canvas, Back To The Future
Image credit: Etsy by CanvasRoyal

Another wall decoration, in this case a printed canvas of the time evolution of the Delorean. Real class. Found on Etsy by CanvasRoyal.

Unisex McFly 2015 (USB Rechargeable) Sneakers

Unisex McFly 2015 (USB Rechargeable) Sneakers white
Image credit:
Unisex McFly 2015 (USB Rechargeable) Sneakers black
Image credit:

Now this is what I’m talking about. How cool are these? McFly 2015 sneakers! 16 hours non-stop battery capacity. Recharge with USB. Size chart on the website. Found at Available in white or black.

That’s it for today folks. Dvd’s, t-shirts, cars and other stuff can be found on Amazon and the regular outlets.

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