Candy jars are very useful and can hold different types of food and beverages such as jellies, coffee beans, yogurt, desserts, puddings, dry fruits, sugar, cream, vinegar, and much more. Candy jars become more important if you have kids at your home or to serve your guests with quick beverages.

If you are looking for candy jars wholesale, then shop from this wide variety of glass baby food storage containers as per your requirements. Boost your business with customizable glass jars and bottles to hold all kinds of food and beverages and keep them fresh and healthy.

Best Candy Jars To Hold Food and Beverages

150ml Clear Glass Candy Jar

Candy jars with clear glass bodies look aesthetic and beautiful to store colorful candies for your kids at home. These cute little candy jars are made with high-quality glass material that makes them durable and cannot be broken easily. These candy glasses can be used to store other beverages as well like coffee beans, tea, dry fruits, spices, and much more.

These glass bottles are eco-friendly and can be recycled when it is no longer reusable for any purpose. This candy jar is made with good quality material that will help you to use it for a longer period. The simple and elegant design suits perfectly with every furniture design and home background.

The clear glass design of this bottle allows you to see the beverage inside it without removing the bottle cap again and again. The wide-mouth opening helps you to easily take it out and put it inside the container. Also, it comes with a metal lid that ensures strong sealing and makes it airtight.

350ml/ 500ml Clear Glass Candy Jars


This clear glass candy jar comes in two different sizes that can hold quantities up to 350ml and 500ml. These glass bottles come with a unique tinplate aluminium cap that provides a strong sealing and makes the container airtight.

These glass containers are ideal for storing your gummy bears and chocolate candies and eating them slowly for a longer period. The unique, stylish design of the candy jar makes it a creative décor item for your dining table or kitchen. The glass is made with high-quality material that makes it durable enough to reuse again for a long duration.

The thick jar body has high permeability, especially at the bottom that prevents it from easy breakage if dropped from a certain height. Also, these glass candy jars are better than buying plastic containers that are harmful to the environment and smell like chemicals. Use these eco-friendly glass bottles that can be recycled and disposed of easily when no longer in use.

150ml/250m Glass Candy Jars

This is another shape of glass candy jars and comes in two different sizes that can hold quantities up to 150ml and 250ml. These small candy jars have a plain simple design and can be placed anywhere on the dining or coffee table filled with candies and chocolates for your kids.

These candy cups have a smooth spiral cup mouth that makes it easier so you can easily put and take out your favorite beverages. These glass containers come with a food-grade sealing cap that makes them airtight, leak-proof. It allows you to store food and beverages, keeping them fresh and healthy.

This multi-purpose candy jar is ideal for serving desserts and puddings at the dining table to the guest on any occasion. You don’t have to buy additional containers to serve your desserts. These glass bottles have high heat resistance that means you can even store hot tea or coffee and serve directly from it.

Clear/Black Glass Candy Jar

This glass candy jar comes with a unique design in two different colors specially designed for home décor food storage canisters. These glass containers are crafted from high-quality crystal glass that makes them highly durable and long-lasting. These are eco-friendly glass bottles and can be recycled when they no longer can be used.

This candy container can be easily washed with hands and can be reused again with proper maintenance. The crystal-designed candy jar makes stored food and beverages look more bright and gives an exquisite impression, and makes it look tempting.

The crystal glass lid design perfectly matches with the body of the container and blocks air and dust from entering inside. It keeps your candies and chocolates fresh and protects you from external factors. Candy cars with lids are ideal for keeping nuts, cookies, dry fruits, spices, and other beverages that are used regularly.

300ml Clear Glass Candy Jar

This glass candy jar also has a unique design with an irregular surface that gives you a firm grip on the container and makes it anti-slip. You can store different types of candies and chocolates in these little jars or serve desserts and smoothies. These multi-purpose containers can be used in different ways.

This glass container is made with high-quality material and can be reused with proper wash and cleaning for a longer period. These eco-friendly jars can be disposed of easily after they can no longer be used. This glass jar comes with a narrow neck that can be used to store drinks and liquid beverages as well.

The glass container comes with cork cap material that prevents air and dust from entering the bottle and helps preserve food and beverages for a longer period. Keep your candies fresh and healthy with the help of this glass candy jar. This candy jar can also be used as a gift for any occasion.

The Bottom-line

You must have candy jars in your house, not to store candies and chocolates, but they can be used for plenty of other purposes as well. You can use them at your office or restaurants to serve different food and beverages.

These are made with high-quality material and ensure quality management to provide you with the best glass containers that last for a much longer period. These are some eco-friendly candy jars that can be effectively used as décor food storage canisters in your kitchen and dining table.

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