If you talk about a particular image type, you would find multiple appearances on the internet but there can be only one legitimate source of the image. The actual image owner uploads it on one online source. In addition to that, there is one key point. The best resolution of the image is attained from the actual source. Most users struggle to find the image with the required quality level. This is because they access the image from a third party source. Other than that, most third-party sources are illegitimate. When an image is uploaded on the internet by its owner, it is reused by various people without the consent of the owner. This is image plagiarism in simple terms. If an image is owned by someone, it cannot be uploaded on a third party website without proper permission of the image owner.

The important decision is picking the correct search by image tool.


Whether you are using a search by image tool or any other one, quality is an essential factor. You cannot expect the best results from a tool that does not meet quality standards. Although, there are various image by search tools on the internet but only a small percentage meets the requirements. The Prepostseo Search by Image tool is definitely ranked among the top slots. It offers everything to the users which they look for.

  • This tool is legitimately free and no restrictions are applied in this case. The user does not have to follow a list of restrictions to use the tool for free. This does happen with a lot of tools. Only a few features of the tool are free. To use all the options, the user has to purchase the paid version. This issue does not exist when this search by image tool is being used. It is completely free and none of the features are restricted. Users can use the tool for as many times as they want without worrying about paying anything. This is a 100% free tool.

All image appearances displayed

To avoid image plagiarism, image owners have to be sure that all appearances are shown. Even if one website is not shown, the image owner would still suffer on the same scale. This image search tool by Prepostseo shows all image appearances and nothing is skipped. If your image has been uploaded on ten websites, all ten should be shown by the tool. This is a task that every tool does not accomplish.

Convenient and simple procedure

When it comes to choosing a tool for reverse image search or any other purpose, ease of use is one of the key issues. A tool that is not easy to use creates several issues for the user. Users have to be patient enough to learn the tool after which they are able to use it. Most users are not prepared to put in so much time. If you are using this particular search by image tool, no learning process would be required. This tool is quite easy and users do not have to go through any learning process. It has very simple options and users can get comfortable with the tool in a quick manner.

Yandex Images

Yandex has a large collection of images for all types. A lot of users use Yandex to get images according to their needs. Considering the fact that image plagiarism is increasing, it is important to access and download images in a legitimate manner. If you are using an illegitimate third party source to download the image, you are adopting an unethical process. For image owners, this is a big reason to worry. Once they prepare a quality image and upload it, it is uploaded on countless other low standard websites. This causes reputation issues for image owners. Instead of growing in terms of reputation, they start losing it.

  • Yandex is a good option for the search by image feature. To start with, it shows all appearances of the image. If an image has been reused on multiple websites, all appearances would be shown with complete clarity. Hence, if the image has been uploaded on any website, it would be shown to you. In an overall manner, Yandex is a good option for reverse image search you can look at.
  • It is always better if users access the original source of the image to download it. Images are re used without permission of the image creator. This is obviously a problem for professional image makers who put in immense effort to develop the finest images. They get reused within no time. On the other hand, if you are downloading the image from the actual source, due credit is being given to the image creator. With Yandex, you can know about all online platforms on which the image has been uploaded. From the perspective of a user, it becomes easy to locate the original source.


Another good option is Softo.org if you are seeking a search by image option. Softo.org offers a wide range of tools to the user and the search by image tool is one of them. With the reverse image search, you can know about all appearances of a particular image. Here is the process which you need to follow as a user.

  • No installations are required because the tool is online. This is a big relief for users because they do not have to go through unnecessary stages of installation. Another big relief of this tool is that users do not have to pay any charges. This tool is completely free and no restrictions on usage are applied.


There is nothing negative about downloading images from the internet but you have to abide by certain conditions. The most important thing is accessing the original source to download the image. Accessing the image from a third party resource would obviously create problems for the image creator.

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