Technology has improved a lot, and people are opting for video lectures and readily prepared notes. But does it cover everything? Is it knowledge gaining? When you read something, you remember half of it, and the notes prepared is already a gist copy, and it only covers 50%. Choosing the suitable material for exams is very much crucial as it is the primary key.

CBSE board examinations are crucial for a student’s life. Choosing the right material and getting through it is essential. NCERT books help students in gaining knowledge, proper revising with highlight points in the chapters. It makes you understand and have in-depth knowledge of a topic. NCERT books are readily available in Online markets as well as any book shops all over India.

NCERT books as Reference:

CBSE board itself approves NCERT books as the best source for students. These books cover the syllabus with examples for every lesson. Every topic is made easy with pictures and activities for the students after chapters. Sensible topics like Indian Politics and Leaders, the Factual information of the Constitution, World leaders or the International Organizations, could not be wrong. These topics are precisely written with the right Information.

All the topics are researched carefully and gone through by experts. The Political Science of Class 11 is used as reference even for higher studies like Masters in Arts. They have such brief and good content, which is helpful for students to readily prepare for exams and gain knowledge abundantly.

NCERT books Saves Time:

It is better to get material available all over India, rather than searching for material and wasting time. It covers all the syllabus for the exams, with an easy language. It is good to read and grasp quickly. There are key points and highlights in the chapters which are easier to remember. Revision is made easy and quick with the highlight points.

NCERT Class 11 Political Science Book:

It has two parts, one is Political Theory and the other is Indian Constitution at Work. NCERT Class 11 Political Science Book has complete solutions and makes students understand the topics clearly. Political Science is a crucial topic or subject which is very useful to understand the Indian parliamentary system or political system, what is going around in the country and the World. For students,

From part 1, Political theory, students will have to study on concepts like Freedom, not just Indian freedom struggle, this chapter talks about World leaders who fought for freedom, Political freedom in the world. The second chapter Equality, talks about Global inequalities, concepts of Equality based on caste, creed, race, sex etc. Citizenship, Social Justice, Rights, Nationalism, Secularism, Peace and Development are the other chapters in Political theory.

From part 2, Indian Constitution at work, it has chapters like, History of the framing of constitution, parts of the constitution, Rights, Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and Local Governments. All the chapters have meaningful information and guidance to know about the Indian constitution from why it is needed, how it is formed to all the parts and actions of it. It talks about how other countries’ constitutions differ from India, and the sources Indian constitution took from other countries.

The Executive part, The Legislative part and Citizenship from part 1 book, all are current related topics, and important for further studies and also to know better Politics. Rights, directive principles, International organizations, Supreme court cases, Preamble are all important for Short answer type questions.

How to Score 90 plus in Political Science?

  • Firstly, know the Syllabus thoroughly, the two parts of the syllabus, and which chapters are more important for final exams.
  • Weightage, All the chapters carry equal marks and are given equal importance, but the Constitution Why and How and Philosophy of the Constitution, first chapter of Indian constitution carry more marks than all other chapters.
  • One map question will be given with India Map and Political Identification of map, which requires knowledge on States, capitals, Bifurcation before the current year. Practice on the Political Maps, and it will improve your marks.
  • There will be optional choices for six mark questions, and a student needs to answer in 150 words, so it is better to practice more questions from ncert and ncert solutions. Two questions in which a student can answer any one based on their knowledge. From the 2019 paper, there were two questions, one from State and central government and the other from the Local government.
  • Prepare topics wisely, choose which topics you are more confident of while choosing between two questions.
  • Practice more Previous year papers, students will get an idea on which topic to prepare well, and how to prepare.
  • NCERTs help in solving questions, which are mostly given in Activities and tests after every chapter.
  • Most of the questions from previous year papers of CBSE were directly from NCERT books. After every chapter, there will be questions, Multiple choice, and activities to go through. Most of them are based on your understanding of the topic and are frequently questioned in the exam. It is quite advisable and beneficial to go through NCERTS for better study.
  • There will also be passage related questions, in which a passage is given and questions beneath it to answer. For this, students need to have practice on reading and understanding, they need to answer the questions based on the passage and not deviate from it.
  • All the topics need a better reading, and revision of at least twice the topics given. Revision helps majorly, it helps the students to remember things more accurately. Reading once will only make them understand the point. But after two , three times of Revision only, students will be able to answer the questions without wasting time in exams.
  • Marking scheme of CBSE will be based on
  1. Remembering, like factual information
  2. Understanding, like passages, concepts from the passage and answering the questions.
  3. Application, like mapping and theories
  4. Order of thinking, like executive,judiciary and local government. Analysing and segregating the difference between them.
  5. Evaluation, Classifying or explaining about something very deep.
  • So, to gain more marks in Class 11 Political Science, students need to understand the concept, Remember the facts, understand the terms like equality, secularism and define them, Analyse and differentiate between Other countries and Indian political concepts.
  • They need to do more revision, practice more previous year papers and mock test papers from reliable resources.


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