If you only rely on traditional methods, like newspapers, to get new jobs, chances are you are missing out on numerous lucrative job opportunities. With the current web and internet era, various tech tools for the modern office have emerged to make your job search and hiring process seamless anytime, anywhere. Here are the top eight ways to use the internet and technology more effectively to conduct your online job search and secure your dream job.

Effective Use of Search Engines

When doing your online job search, be as specific as possible. Avoid doing broad searches as they can yield results that do not match what you are looking for or with limited information.

The best way to go about it would be to narrow down to a specific niche as you try to switch up your search words. For instance, if you are looking for SCB Distributor jobs, you can try to alternate between singular and plural terms or change the order of words you are using for your search.

Focus on small niche sites to sift through job postings quickly and connect with your preferred positions and companies. Even though large job boards provide numerous job postings, it takes a lot of time to locate suitable job openings.

Go Through Company Websites

You can find a lot of vital information on company websites to aid your job search. You can check the careers or employment section on the web page to learn about the various job opportunities available.

If there is a position that you qualify for, send an application to the company directly. Even if you fail to get a post matching your profile, find a section for submitting CVs and express your interest in working for the company.

Nearly all company websites feature an About Us section. You can click on it to familiarize yourself with company values, goals, and other helpful information. The information can guide you when writing your cover letter, and refer to it when called for an interview.

Subscribe to Job Alerts Via Text or Email

Most people often miss job postings or submit applications late for failing to realize early enough when the preferred company lists job openings. Luckily, when you sign up for job alerts via email or text, you learn of any available jobs immediately after they go live and become an early bird.

Email alerts can help you track your job application, make follow-ups, and receive company updates about the state of your application. However, it is best to get your inbox under control by separating job search-related emails from the general email for easy access.

Use of Online Job Search Apps

Job search apps link you to job openings that match your profile. Some of the best job search apps include LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed. When using a job search app, specify filters to narrow down to vacancies that match your skills and expertise.

Most job search apps allow you to develop your resume directly in the app or upload it as an attachment. You can also enable alerts and receive notifications when new jobs or other opportunities around you emerge.

Embrace the Use of Remote Work Tools

Most companies now provide flexible work arrangements, including work from home jobs. If you prefer taking this route, it would be wise to learn to use some of the best remote work tools, even before securing the job.

These include task management tools, video conferencing apps, security tools, remote collaboration tools, and team chat apps, to mention but a few. Familiarizing yourself with these tools will enable you to stand out in a virtual interview and adapt to your remote job faster when hired.

Develop a Digitized CV

Besides being interactive and eye-catching, digitized CVs should also contain more relevant information. CVs should draw hiring managers’ interest and convince them that you are the best candidate for the position. One way of doing this is placing verifiable character information. Not all employers require a police clearance, but it’s good to know you are not a law offender. This piece of data will be an impressive addition to your digitized CV. It will bolster your trustworthiness as a professional. Fortunately, you do not have to spend days to get results because fast criminal record checks exist.

As companies evolve together with technology, so do their interview processes. These days, video interviews are gaining popularity across the globe. A digitized and interactive application and resume give prospective employers better insights into your profile and character, which is hard to achieve with a simple CV paper. You can also build a creative portfolio website or viral videos and use them to sell yourself.

Build a Video Resume

If you are a shy person, especially before a camera, using a video resume could be the perfect way to express yourself. You can even upload your final draft to YouTube for many potential employers to view. Just ensure everything is well-done and polished.

Network On Social Media Platforms

As you interact with other users on social media platforms, use tools such as LinkedIn to cultivate and build more meaningful professional relationships and network online. Before optimizing your platforms, ensure you carry out social media spring clean. Nearly 70% of employers go through applicants’ profiles on Facebook. Make your social media profiles more employer-friendly and align them with your professional personality.

Finding and applying for an ideal job opening is no longer a complicated process. With the current technology, you can render your application at the click of a button and track your entire application process. However, ensure you stay updated with the current trends in your industry to remain viable.

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