After a minor delay, it is now clear that Homeworld 3 will dock with our gaming machines on March 8th, and expectations are high. In a behind-the-scenes look, Blackbird Interactive tells more about the game and its development.

Homeworld 3

They explain, among other things, that Homeworld 3 is actually the game they wanted Homeworld 2 to be – however, it was not possible at the time because the technology simply wasn’t advanced enough to make their visions a reality.

Homeworld 3 – Behind The Scenes Documentary

Something they have worked a lot on is terrain, which comes in the form of, for example, asteroids or gigantic megastructures. These can be used to sneak up on the enemy from unexpected directions or to utilize choke points that larger ships cannot get past.

So, March 8th it is, and one can get access to the game 72 hours earlier by purchasing the more expensive Command Edition version of the game.

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