AI company Anthropic has now released the chatbot Claude Pro, their counterpart to OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT Plus. Claude Pro is built on Anthropics’ free bot Claude, which the company released earlier this year, and it utilizes the large language model (LLM) Claude 2.

Anthropic Claude Pro

According to Anthropic, Claude Pro offers five times more usage than their free version. However, the exact limitations on usage for their free version are somewhat unclear. One distinguishing feature of Claude Pro compared to ChatGPT Plus is that Claude Pro can handle more extensive queries, allowing users to input up to 100,000 tokens, which roughly corresponds to about 75,000 words, whereas ChatGPT Plus has a limitation of approximately 8,200 tokens.

If you’d like to try Claude Pro, it will cost $20 per month, the same price as OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus.

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