There are around 1.5 million electronic cigarette users in the UK and the industry was estimated by Euromonitor to be worth around £193 million at the end of 2013. Not bad figures to say that the e cig market began in around 2004, but why are people making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to this new technology and brands such as Freshcig? We take a look at the reasons why it has been so successful below.

Healthier alternative

Although not proven in long term studies, it is widely believed that electronic cigarettes are a much healthier alternative than tobacco products. Tobacco contains up to 4,000 chemicals, produces tar and Carbon Monoxide whereas e cigs contain Propylene Glycol (used in inhalers), Vegetable Glycerine (sold in most health stores), nicotine and natural & artificial food grade flavourings.

This belief has been supported my many health professionals and organisations. For example, Professor John Britton has claimed that e cigarettes could save up to five million lives, if smokers of today switched from tobacco cigarettes. Similarly, public health charity ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) has stated that, although it believes that e cigarettes need to be medically regulated; ‘electronic cigarettes which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke are likely to be a safer alternative to smoking’.

Public smoking ban exemption

One of the main benefits for vapers is that e cigs are not subject to the same laws as tobacco cigarettes. They are not placed under the smoking ban which prevents smoking in public places and at indoor venues. This is also supported by ASH who state that; ‘we do not consider it appropriate for electronic cigarettes to be subject to this legislation’.

A less expensive alternative

A huge factor in people looking to kick the tobacco smoking habit is cost. Tobacco cigarettes are around £8 for a pack of 20, which amounts to £240 a month and £2920 a year whereas, by switching to e cigs the same habit would cost around £500 a year. With those considerable savings, you could afford a family holiday, put funds towards a new car or even towards decorating and improving your home.

Better for your looks

Cigarettes don’t just affect you inside; they also effect you on the outside. When you smoke a cigarette, the chemicals and Carbon Monoxide enter your blood stream in the lungs which is pumped around the body by your heart. This means that less Oxygen and nutrients reach your skin which can cause wrinkles over time and make you look tired in appearance as your healthy natural glow is reduced.  Your hair also loses its natural shine and can become brittle through using tobacco as, in the same way as your skin, it won’t receive as much Oxygen and nutrients.


Although there haven’t been any long term studies into the effects of switching to electronic cigarettes from tobacco, the support that it has garnered from health professionals and organisations seems to indicate that they will continue to be a successful technological product for many years.

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