It would be fair to say that your world of work probably looks a lot different now to what it did a few decades ago.

Back then, employees accepted what they were given. There was no room for negotiation (barring some exceptional circumstances, of course).

Now, while the power isn’t completely in the hands of the employee, it could be said that people are at least aware of all of the perks that companies could offer, if they wanted.

One such perk comes in the form of the office itself. Sure, it might not be personal to each employee, but having an engaging office space makes coming to work so much easier for most people.

So, how can you achieve this? Today’s post will dive into the details and show you.

Get everybody involved with business performance

One of the biggest motivators for employees is being involved in performance. At a lot of companies, employees work in silo. It means that they don’t know the effect their work has on overall performance.

This is where you can use technology to your advantage. Take a look at office digital signage from Cenareo to see how you can transmit the day’s trading, or even the latest customer reviews if you don’t want to go into the hard numbers, and see the effect it has on your workforce.

Breakout rooms aren’t for naps (at most companies)

We may have heard all of the stories about the pods at Google, and how some workers use them for naps. Granted, you might decide to go down this route, but on the whole breakout rooms are all about giving your workforce the chance to get things done in peace.

As we will soon find out, open plan offices have a lot of benefits, but with benefits looming these breakout rooms can make the world of difference to morale.

Embrace open plan

We’ve just touched on open plan office spaces, and there’s a very good reason why they are used so much nowadays. Sure, the space-saving helps, but so does the fact that you can communicate with most colleagues within seconds. There’s none of the old process of knocking on office doors, everyone can collaborate and this not only assists productivity, but it can also improve the overall mood of the office.

The small practicalities can make the world of difference

Finally, as much as you can invest in high-tech computers and vibrant decorations, it’s sometimes the basics which can make or break your office.

When we talk about the basics, we’re talking about the desks, chairs, lighting and even heating-and-cooling systems. A lot of these get forgotten about to the last minute, even these are the elements that your employees will be touching on the most.

It sounds ridiculous, but if your employees know that they are going to go home with a bad back, headache after being freezing cold for the entire day – all those other engaging ideas that you have attempted to implement in your office have gone to waste.

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