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Venturi Lab unveils new lunar rover wheel

During the Paris Air Show over the weekend, Venturi Group showcased this deformable lunar rover wheel. They claim to have reinvented the wheel, which will be mounted on their Astrolab Flex lunar lander, set to be transported to the moon by SpaceX’s Starship in 2026. Previous wheels used in lunar missions have always been solid, […]

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Artificial intelligence led sermon in Germany

In the German city of Fürth, an experiment was conducted over the weekend to hold a sermon that was co-authored by OpenAI’s artificial intelligence and the 29-year-old theologian and philosopher Jonas Simmerlein. In the above clip, you can catch a glimpse of the AI event in Fürth. The service was performed by digital avatars displayed […]

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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 gets co-op

During Friday’s Summer Games Fest event, a new trailer was shown for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, which revealed that the game will support co-op for up to three players. It sounds undeniably fun, as games like these are often more entertaining when you can chat while shooting tyranids. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 is […]

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Sega showcases Sonic Superstars

Sega has unveiled the new 2D game Sonic Superstars, where Sega’s mascot Sonic the Hedgehog takes center stage in a game that seems to blend both old and new elements. Based on the trailer, Sonic and his friends Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose can travel between the pixel graphics of the original Sonic game from […]

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Apple Maps finally gets offline support

Apple has showcased some news that comes with iOS 17, and the biggest of these is that Apple Maps finally gets support for offline navigation. With the new offline feature, Apple Maps users can download portions of maps and use them for navigation or other purposes even when the iPhone doesn’t have coverage. A similar […]

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This camera uses AI to create images

Just what we need! A “camera” without a lens that instead creates its own images using artificial intelligence. It’s developer Bjørn Karmann who has created the camera, whose viewfinder shows a real-time description of your current location, and when the user clicks and “takes a photo,” the camera generates an image based on the description. […]

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Trailer: Hijack

Told in real time, Hijack is a tense thriller that follows the journey of a hijacked plane as it makes its way to London over a seven-hour flight, and as authorities on the ground scramble for answers. Starring and executive produced by SAG Award winner and Emmy Award nominee Idris Elba, Hijack was created by […]

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OpenAI invests in a Norwegian robotics company

OpenAI, the company behind the development of ChatGPT, is one of the companies that has invested $23.5 million in the Norwegian robotics company 1X. Previously known as Halodi Robotics, 1X has been developing technology for humanoid robots for eight years. The robot being developed by 1X is called NEO, and the company hopes that it […]

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Android app recorded users every 15 minutes

The Android app iRecorder Screen Recorder, which started as an innocent screen recording app, reportedly began recording one minute of audio every 15 minutes and transmitting these recordings via an encrypted link to the developer’s server. The app was initially released in September 2021, but it was about a year later that it began recording […]

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Virgin Orbit shuts down the company

Richard Branson’s satellite launch company, Virgin Orbit, is now filing for bankruptcy after being kept on life support for several months. Following a failed satellite launch earlier this year, the company announced in March that it would pause its operations. Just a few weeks after the pause, news came out that Virgin Orbit would put […]

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SEGA unveils Total War: Pharaoh

Yesterday, Creative Assembly and Sega announced their new Total War game, Total War: Pharaoh. As the name suggests, this strategy game will take place in ancient Egypt, where players must strive to seize power from other factions. In addition to enemies and such, players in this game must also beware of natural disasters that can […]

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Generative AI comes to Photoshop

Adobe announced today that it is integrating even more AI-based functionality into its image editing program, Photoshop. The latest addition to Photoshop is an integration of Adobe’s Firefly, a text-to-image AI that Photoshop users can use to edit and add objects to their images. You can see an example of what is possible to create […]

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Apple rejected nearly two million apps last year

Apple has now released its first transparency report for the App Store following a settlement with a group of developers in 2021, where Apple agreed to provide more detailed information about transparency in the App Store. Interestingly, Apple has decided to provide more information than what was required as part of the agreements with developers. […]

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Humanity is now released

This week, the new puzzle game Humanity was released by Enhance, the studio led by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, known for games such as Rez, Lumines, and Tetris Effect. In this visually intriguing action puzzle game, players control a luminous Shiba Inu and give commands to a large crowd to solve various challenging puzzles. The game has […]

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Lego showcases an impressive Batman build

Lego, in collaboration with DC Comics, has developed an impressive new building set based on Batman’s headquarters, the Batcave. The building set is called “Batcave – Shadow Box” and, in its design, resembles a black brick wall with the Batman logo. However, it can be opened up, revealing a parking space for the Batmobile, as […]