This week, the new puzzle game Humanity was released by Enhance, the studio led by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, known for games such as Rez, Lumines, and Tetris Effect.


In this visually intriguing action puzzle game, players control a luminous Shiba Inu and give commands to a large crowd to solve various challenging puzzles. The game has received good reviews overall, and below, you can see and hear what people from IGN have to say about it, for example.

HUMANITY – Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4, Steam w/Optional PS VR2, PS VR & PC VR

Humanity can be played on Windows and PlayStation. PlayStation Plus members (Extra and Premium) have access to it at no extra cost, so there’s really no excuse not to at least give it a try. The game can also be played in virtual reality if you find that exciting. Links to more reviews can be found through the link below.

Humanity Review

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