According to MacRumours, Apple might need to sell its VR/AR headset under a different name than “Vision Pro” if they release the product in the Chinese market.

Apple Vision Pro

The reason is that Huawei registered the “Vision” trademark in China four years ago and will have the right to use it there until at least 2031. Huawei already sells several products under the Vision brand in China, including televisions and smart glasses.

If Apple wants to sell Vision Pro under its original name in China, they may need to reach an agreement with Huawei, which would likely involve paying a substantial amount of money to use the name.

However, Apple is no stranger to paying up when it comes to trademarks or anything associated with their products. In 2012, Apple reportedly paid $60 million to Proview Technology, the company that owned the rights to use the “iPad” trademark in the Chinese market.

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