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Cool (and Useful) Gadgets for Your Dorm

August is right around the corner, and if you’re a college or university student that doesn’t live at home, it means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll need for school – and for your dorm room. Here are some cool gadgets that won’t guarantee you’ll make the honor roll, but they’ll certainly make […]

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Top Cool Gadgets that Can Improve Your Home

Looking to make an investment in the technology that’s not only cool and keeps you on the cutting edge, but also has significant benefits throughout your home, this is just one reason why you may be considering cool home gadgets to improve your lifestyle. Technology has invaded every aspect of our individual lives, and some […]

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3 Cool Gadgets for $150 or Less

Gadgets can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for a high quality product that combines good functionality and durability. So when we find high-end gadgets at reasonable prices, we feel the urge to spread the news. Here are 3 extremely cool gadgets that you can get for $150 or less – before taxes, that is. […]

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The iPad Pro 10.5: A Huge Step Forward for Apple

We’ve come to expect superior quality from Apple’s products, and it’s iPad line is no exception. It’s not quite the personal computer that Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook predicted last year, but it’s closer than it’s ever been. Let’s start with the iPad Pro 10.5’s bigger, better screen. I mean, that’s 10 and a […]

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Can home security buy you peace of mind?

Some gadgets offer us distractions or escapes from the real world. Some offer us shortcuts and practicalities. But home security gadgets, if they work as they should, offer more than that. They offer us peace of mind. In fact, prestigious security experts Banham have found that better home security actually leads to better mental health. […]

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A Look at the Best Tablets for Streaming Video

Whether you plan to use your tablet to stream movies on an occasional basis, or want to stream live television programming on a portable device, screen size, resolution, internet capabilities and other streaming friendly features count the most. With the right tablet, you can stream both full length movies and television shows in real-time using […]

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Infographic: Shooting Video With a Drone Legally

“As exciting as drones are proving for both hobbyists and commercial filmmakers, local and federal governments in the United States are continuously enacting legislation that governs the use of drones for shooting video. Filmmakers and video production professionals need to pay particular attention to the rules because the FAA requires anyone using drones for commercial […]

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5 Must Have Gadgets Every Geek Should Have

Geeks face a lot of pressure to stay on the cutting edge of technology. A lot of times, that means packing their lives with gadgets that average consumers aren’t ready for. Those poor, tech-deprived people! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a geeky friend, you should consider adding these five gadgets to your shopping cart. […]