I have two Fire Kindles. I love them. They’re great for a variety of things – games, web browsing, video chatting, even documents and calendars. And even though I already have two of them, I have Fire Kindle envy. Because let me tell you, this new tablet is something else.

First, because it’s only $149.99, at least on pre-order (no idea if the price will go up after that, only time will tell). I mean, the tablet Amazon released last year had half of the GB this baby has (16 versus 32) and it was priced at $229.99. And that’s not the only great thing about the Fire HD 10. I have Alexa on my Kindles, but it’s often inconvenient to use her services because I have to manually summon her. If I’m not near my tablet or I’m busy doing something else on there, it’s likely that I won’t bother. Well that’s not going to be an issue with the Fire HD 10, because, just like the Echo, it responds to voice commands. With this new tablet, I could play music from across the room or shut the lights off without getting up. Neat.

Along with its impressive 2GB of RAM, generous 1080p display, 32GB or 64GB of built-in memory (for an additional $40), a microSD slot allowing you to upgrade to up to 256GB of memory space, a faster 1.8GHz quad-core processor and full HD display, this one packs a punch, and it’s why I’m so surprised at its low cost. It comes in Black, Marine Blue or Punch Red and will be released on October 11. There is no doubt in my mind that I would get the Fire HD 10 instead of an Echo, since they are so close in price and I favor the versatility of a tablet over sound quality.

If you do decide to get the newest Amazon tablet, make sure that you check for a software update as soon as you get your hands on it, or the voice activated Alexa won’t work. The hands-free Alexa feature will need a patch to work, which will be available at the same time as the tablet is. Which, in my opinion, isn’t nearly soon enough.

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