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ChatGPT Reported to Have Become Lazier

There have been several reports that ChatGPT and the language model GPT-4 have become “lazier” lately. This means that the AI is not performing certain tasks that the chatbot previously had no problems executing. OpenAI, the company that develops ChatGPT and GPT-4, says that they have not updated GPT-4 since November and do not know […]

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Chrome gets a new way to track users

In conjunction with the new design of Chrome, Google has begun rolling out its new advertising technology called “Privacy Sandbox,” which tracks web pages and generates a list of advertising topics shared with web pages upon request. The platform has faced significant opposition but is still being released to the majority of Chrome users today. […]

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Legs are now coming to Meta’s avatars

Nearly a year later, it seems that Meta is finally on the verge of granting its metaverse avatars legs to make them a bit more human-like. In the latest beta version of Quest software, Quest Home avatars have now acquired these additional limbs. However, the legs won’t be visible when looking down at your avatar, […]

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AirPods in Pop Culture: How Apple’s Earbuds Became a Fashion Statement

Apple’s AirPods, since their introduction, have transcended the boundaries of tech gadgets, embedding themselves firmly within the realm of fashion. But how did this transformation occur, and why have these wireless earbuds garnered such attention in popular culture? Let’s dive in. How Did AirPods Make the Leap from Tech to Trend? Initially, AirPods were simply […]

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Trailer: Extraction 2

Hemsworth reunites with director Sam Hargrave, with Joe and Anthony Russo’s AGBO producing and Joe Russo writing. Golshifteh Farahani reprises her role from the first film, with Daniel Bernhardt and Tinatin Dalakishvili also co-starring. This is a sequel to the first film that was based on the graphic novel ‘Ciudad’ by Ande Parks, from a […]

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Brydge throws in the towel

Brydge launched its first iPad accessory in 2012, which more or less would turn Apple’s iPad into a MacBook Air, with mixed results. Now, a little over ten years later, the company is ending its business. Brydge is said to have previously been in talks with both Razr and Targus about an acquisition, but apparently, […]

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How Blockchain Technology Can Revolutionize Email

According to a recent study, more than 269 billion emails are sent every single day with over 2.6 billion people using email, creating 5.3 billion email accounts – so email ranks among the most widely used, yet most vulnerable formats for electronic communications. Users demand privacy online and information security surrounding email communications is critical […]

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Review of the Canon Pixma MG5750

If you are looking for a high quality wireless all-in-one printer from one of the best-known printer manufacturers in the world then you could consider the Canon PIXMA MG5750. Canon have a well-earned reputation for designing quality printers that are innovative, reliable and efficient. Not only does the MG5750 deliver great print quality, it is ideal for both […]