Apple is famous for its gadgets; iPhones, iPads, MacBooks are all very popular but, as with any fancy gadgets, they are also prone to be damaged when dropped or otherwise mishandled. And that’s why Apple also makes sleeves for all of these gadgets, to help protect them and make them last longer. Well, for the first time in Apple history, the company is now offering a genuine leather sleeve for its 12 inch MacBook. According to the description on Apple’s website, the sleeve is “…crafted from high-quality European leather with a soft microfiber lining.” It also has a slit through which you can insert your charger so that your MacBook can recharge while sitting cozily in its new leather jacket. There are two colors to choose from, Saddle Brown and Midnight Blue, and the Apple logo is neatly stamped in the center of the sleeve, so that there is no doubt as to what lays inside.

I (and countless others) came across the MacBook leather sleeve as I checked the Apple site for the launch of the iPhone X pre-order (yes, that starts today, so don’t delay!), which will ship on November 3rd. It just sat there, on the MacBook accessories page, patiently waiting for my curious finger to click on it. There was no fanfare from Apple, not so much as a hint that this new accessory was available. I’m sure they’re focusing on the pre-orders at the moment, but I sill find it odd that Apple hasn’t at least tried to make some sort of introduction for its new sleeve. Mind, at $149, I’m not sure how good of a reception it will get (it is only a sleeve after all, not an actual gadget, even if it is made of ‘high-quality European leather’).

So now you know, it’s there, and if you have a 12 inch MacBook that you think deserves a fancy new leather sleeve, you can visit Apple’s web site and get one. Alternatively, the sleeves are also available in real life stores (just in case you want to see and feel the real thing before you buy).

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