With Denon’s acquisition of Nura, they can now provide us with some of the most advanced earbuds on the market, namely PerL and PerL Pro.

Denon PerL

Let’s start from the beginning: Nura has created some of the most impressive products we’ve heard, including NuraPhone and the wireless earbuds NuraTrue and NuraTrue Pro. But earlier this year, news emerged that Denon acquired them, and from now on, there are no longer any products under the Nura name. Instead, Denon has taken over the technology, and the first products are the fully wireless earbuds PerL and PerL Pro. And they are essentially identical to NuraTrue and NuraTrue Pro.

Customized to Your Hearing

Denon PerL Pro

What’s truly special about these earbuds is that they adapt to the user’s unique hearing using Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology (AAT). By sending test tones into the ear and measuring the response, the algorithm determines which filters work and which do not. The algorithm takes into account both the hearing test and the user’s age when creating a sound profile. Large Drivers

Both PerL and PerL Pro use large 10 mm drivers, but the Pro model has a more advanced membrane with a triple layer and the use of titanium. Therefore, the sound is better. Lossless Audio in the Pro Model

The Pro model also features the new aptX Lossless codec, providing true CD-quality audio over Bluetooth. It is said to be even better than the LDAC codec, delivering 16-bit audio with no loss. It borrows this feature from NuraTrue Pro, which also received high praise from us, showing a subtle but important improvement when tested with the Lossless codec. The Pro model is also the only one of the two with multipoint connectivity, allowing it to connect to two sources simultaneously.

Noise Cancellation

Denon PerL

Both models have active noise cancellation, but only the Pro model features adaptive noise cancellation. This means that the level of noise cancellation adapts to the situation and environment. It also learns to improve over time as you use it. The Pro model also includes a 5-band equalizer (EQ) and spatial audio, or Spatial Audio from Dirac. Our experience is that it adds a subtle 3D effect to the content, but it still feels like stereo and not surround sound.

Bass = Immersion

Both models have an Immersion feature in the app, which confusingly enough, actually means bass adjustment. It’s the same as with Nura products, and our experience is that this bass adjustment significantly enhances the sound. Since it doesn’t mask the midrange when the bass is increased, it’s an exclusively positive feature.

Denon PerL Pro
Denon PerL Pro

Battery Life

Both models have good battery life, with Denon PerL providing 6 hours in the earbuds, with three extra charges in the case. That’s a total of 24 hours. For PerL Pro, the total playtime increases to 32 hours, with 8 hours in the earbuds themselves.

Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro: Price and Availability

Both earbuds will be available in the coming days for $199 and $349 respectively, the exact same price Nura charged for theirs.

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