The Fujifilm X-T5 is the third camera in the fifth generation X-Series and, along with the recently launched X-H2, has the highest still image resolution in X-series history at 40.2 megapixels, with the possibility of 160 megapixels (Pixel Shift Multi-Shot).

The camera can record video in 6K, has five-axis image stabilization compensating up to seven steps and subject recognition autofocus function – while being developed with deep learning AI technology. It’s the perfect companion that covers a variety of shooting styles, where the camera’s size and weight are a big advantage.

Fujifilm X-T5 body_silver


  • Compact design and great handling
  • Good autofocus and subject-tracking
  • Size and weight
  • Great IBIS for low-light shooting
  • Wide range of compatible X-mount lenses


  • Not ideal for video shooting
  • Small buffer for RAW burst shooting
  • LCD screen tilts but doesn’t flip

High-Resolution Sensor with 160 MP Pixel Shift Multi-Shot

The new back-illuminated 40.2 MP sensor, X-Trans CMOS 5 HR, and the fast X-Processor 5 give the new X-T5 the highest image quality ever in the X-series. The new sensor has an improved image processing algorithm that provides a low noise level despite the high pixel count and a new pixel structure to efficiently capture more light, enabling ISO125 as the standard sensitivity.

Top plate dials
Credit: FujiFilm

The exposure time can also be controlled with greater precision compared to previous generations, which has improved the fastest electronic shutter speed by 2.5 steps from the previous 1/32,000 to 1/180,000. This gives users the opportunity to photograph with the widest aperture even under extremely bright photography conditions.

FUJIFILM X-T5 Promotional Video/ FUJIFILM

Autofocus Developed with Deep Learning AI Technology


The new high-resolution sensor has a larger number of phase detection pixels compared to previous models, resulting in a more accurate autofocus for finely textured subjects such as landscapes and portrait photography.

The X-processor 5 has double the processing speed compared to previous generations and a new subject recognition function for the camera’s autofocus, developed with deep learning AI technology that finds and tracks your subjects in an impressive way. It automatically detects and tracks not only faces and eyes, but also animals, birds, cars, bicycles, airplanes, and trains.

Tilting LCD
Credit: FujiFilm

The use of an improved AF prediction algorithm provides stable focusing even in AF-C mode. Additionally, face and eye recognition have been significantly improved for people wearing glasses or masks.

4:2:2 10-bit Video in 6K 30p

The high-resolution image sensor and new processor allow for 4:2:2 10-bit video recording internally in 6K/30P with support for different codecs (H.264 and H.265) and compression methods (ALL-Intra and Long GOP). X-T5 has a 4K HQ mode where high detail is achieved through 6K oversampling.

With the color grading profile F-Log2, it is possible to achieve a dynamic range of up to 13 steps. The camera’s HDMI output can output 12-bit ProRes Raw and Blackmagic Raw to an external recording device up to 6K 30p.

More info at FujiFilm

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