The category of action cameras hasn’t been interesting since, like, the GoPro 4 or something, and in recent years, it’s been quite dull. Sure, the cameras have slowly gotten better and better, but the desire to buy a new one has been low.

Insta360 Go 3

However, now Insta360 is releasing its Go 3, and for the first time in a while, I’m intrigued! It’s a camera that, at its core, looks like any other camera. But it has a screen that can be flipped up so you can see yourself while recording. And most importantly, you can detach the actual camera part from the device.

It becomes so small that it can be placed practically anywhere, which adds an extra level of excitement. You then use the base unit as a remote where you can see what’s happening on the screen and control the recording. The detachable part has a magnet, so you can attach it to some fun places, and since it’s so lightweight, you can have it on a cap, on your chest (without a harness, just with a necklace), and so on.

The camera records video at 2.7K, so it’s not a monster in that aspect, but the possibilities for creative shots are vast, as you can see in Casey’s amazing video below.

this is the World’s Smallest Vlogging Camera and it’s pretty incredible

The price tag is 449 euros for the base package with 32GB. You’ll have to pay 499 euros for 128GB, and then there are various kits available depending on how you want to use it.

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