So, LG has taken a leap of faith and entrusted its impressive 87 WiFi enabled smart appliances to the Google Assistant. This allows users to not only control their LG smart appliances through Google Home, but also remotely through a mobile device, both iOS or Android. I can see where this would come in handy if I forget to turn the AC down when I leave the house. And if I had an LG smart washing machine, I would totally take advantage of the fact that I don’t have to get up to see if the load is done: all I’d have to do is ask my Google Assistant and it would tell me exactly how long is left on the load. Sweet.

Set up is simple and easy. Users will need to download LG’s SmartThinQ app (if they don’t already have it), then set voice controls and they’re good to go. They can then use their voice to order around their smart appliances. Think about it: tell your smart fridge to make more ice, start a pot of coffee from bed, get the dishwasher going – the possibilities seem endless! I’m the kind of person who’s always wondering, as I leave the house (especially when going on longer trips or vacations) if I’ve left the oven on. Well, if I had an LG smart oven, I could put all those doubts to rest with a simple command into my phone. Brilliant. Conversely, I’ve read somewhere that you could ask your Google Assistant to warm up the oven so it’s at the right temperature for that roast chilling in the fridge. I’m sure you could, but I’m not so sure I like the idea of my oven being on with no one in the house. But maybe that’s just me being paranoid.

Anyway, the really cool thing about this is that to help convince people to buy their smart appliances, LG will be giving away a Google Home device to everyone who buys a smart appliance between October 8th and October 25th. Don’t go crazy though, they will only give one device per household no matter how many appliances you buy. Still, it’s a pretty good deal, especially if you were already considering getting a smart appliance.

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