Snapchat is quickly becoming a favorite, especially among teenagers and young adults. Its wide array of filters is ever changing, and users can even have special, customized filters created for much any occasions (as I recently wrote, even for funerals). Snapchat users have been enjoying morphing into each other, snapping cute pictures of them with a bunny face or flowers in their hair. Just a few days ago, it released its 3D Bitmojis, allowing users to add fun, interactive characters on their screen using the World Lens setting.

The latest filters, available as of today on both iOS and Android devices, aim to modify the look of the sky. In order for these sky filters to work, the picture needs to contain detectable sky – that is, Snapchat needs to be able to recognize part of your picture as sky to be able to apply the filter to it. In order to use these new filters, all users have to do is swipe through the filters as usual and select the one they want to use.

Much like the other filters, the sky filters will be rotated every day and will offer an array of different looks, including starry skies, colorful sunsets, virtual weather, rainbows, stormy weather and other effects. Along with the World Lenses added to the app earlier this year, these new filters are keeping users entertained and coming back for more. The sheer variety of filters and the fact that Snapchat keeps adding to them and rotating them certainly seems to be working in Snapchat’s favor.

Despite Facebook’s many attempts at copying its rival app’s features, and that across its many platforms (‘Status’ in WhatsApp, ‘Stories’ and ‘Geostickers’ in Instagram and ‘Messenger Day’ in Messenger), it has not yet been able to slow Snapchat’s growth and popularity. In fact, as of last spring, 39% of teens in the United States considered Snapchat their favorite network, compared to 23% for Instagram and %11 each for Twitter and Facebook. It’s clear, for now at least, that Snapchat isn’t merely a fad, and that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, whatever Facebook does.

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