People take their mobile devices everywhere. That’s the whole point of owning a mobile device, isn’t it? To be mobile? I can’t tell you how many times my kids have dropped their cell phones in the toilet. But that’s mainly inconvenient (and gross, sure). I mean it won’t kill them. The problem lies in a bigger water container, namely, the bath tub. If you can’t put down your iPad long enough to take a bath, you might as well look at it as a plugged in toaster or hair dryer. If it’s not plugged in, then you might only be in for a slight shock, as an unplugged smart phone only carries a charge amounting to 5-20 volts.

Last Sunday, Madison Coe, a 14 year old girl from Texas, died from electrocution while reaching for her plugged in cell phone – while taking a bath.  It is thought that she either reached out with a wet hand to plug her phone in or check her messages. And she’s not the only one. Back in March, Richard Bull, a 32 year old UK resident, died from electrocution when his iPhone accidentally fell in the bath water he was soaking in.

So how do you avoid their fate? Leave your phone or any electronic device well out of reach of water. Even if you’re using a socket that is outside of the bathroom to charge your device, the current will find its way to the water – either the water in the tub or on your hands. Waterproof devices are somewhat safer, but just because you won’t damage your phone dropping it in the bathtub doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you. It is much simpler (and safer) to take a break from social media or whatever is grabbing your interest and enjoy a nice, shock-free relaxing bath. If you use your phone or tablet to play music while you soak, consider getting an app or a device that will play your spoken requests.

Remember, it only takes a second for an accident to happen. A second that could easily cost you your life. Keep your mobile devices (and any other electronic device) away from water – not just the bathtub, but the kitchen sink, the pool, and anywhere else it may cause harm. Better safe than dead.

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