Final Fantasy VII isn’t just getting a hefty remake trilogy for Playstation and PC, but also a somewhat “simpler” remake that not only includes the storyline from the original game, but also the spin-offs Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis, as well as the Advent Children movie. Additionally, new parts of the story are being introduced where we’ll get to meet a young Sephiroth.

FINAL FANTASY VII EVER CRISIS | Countdown to Launch Trailer

The title is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, and it’s set to release on Android and iOS on September 7th, which is next Thursday. Square Enix has now begun the countdown to the release, accompanied by a new trailer that blends gameplay with pre-rendered cutscenes.

While the fact that it’s only being released on mobile devices might raise eyebrows, in all honesty, it looks quite impressive.


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